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Google Hangouts YouTube Live Streams Could Boost Social Proof

Google Hangouts YouTube – Why They Could Boost Your Social Proof

Google Hangouts are a relatively new tool designed to bring together people who have Google accounts so that they can go live and discuss various topics. That in itself is nothing really new, but when you link it up to YouTube live on air the benefits of creating content that has value for all involved is just a really great bonus for doing these live streams on a regular basis.
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Seeing as Google have streamlined the process of Google+ accounts and YouTube profiles to generally look and feel the same, they can also work well at driving your Subscribers to your live streams as and when you schedule them.

Speaking from experience it is best to join or start a live stream with the maximum people (although 4 or 5 is good enough!) which is 12 at the moment and there is good reason for this. When you are in a hangout and you comment in the comment feed, your comment publishes to your YouTube profile feed to let your Subscribers know, now if you are smart you will let your followers know that you are going live right this minute and they will hopefully follow the link to watch. Not all of your Subscribers will be bothered, but that’s life really.

YouTube Live Streams is a Learning Curve

Going on a live hangout can be a bit confusing as you have to be signed in with Google and YouTube and when you actually go live on air, you have to pause your YouTube video or go into View All Comments to keep that as a comment feed page so you can keep up to date with new comments as you go along.

This set up isn’t perfect however and Google are freely experimenting and tweaking the arrangement of the hangout features to see what works. A good web cam is needed for these live hangouts and currently the time limit for a hangout is 4 hours which is more than enough time to have a live interaction with other YouTubers.

Google Hangouts Live can boost your social proof

Google live hangouts encourage live real time interactions which could mean more comments than usual on live videos and when you do actually do the Live On-Air with YouTube your video uploads and processes just like a normal video.

Live streaming is again nothing new, but the overall impact of webinar content together with other people all showing their faces really makes for an engaging hangout particularly when you are focusing on a topic or interest that led your subscribers to subscribe to you and your YouTube channel.

When you build up a following through Google/YouTube Hangouts you may be more in a position to benefit from your social interactions. Sharing that you are going live isn’t limited to just Google and YouTube. You can also quite obviously share on Facebook, Twitter and whatever website that you are a part of including your own.

The more likes, comments, subscribers your live videos get are quite probably going to outweigh your normal video views, if you do things right that is. Once your live videos finish and process through to YouTube remember to update the title and add a decent description and tags as many people simply forget with these live streams.

Annotations are becoming extremely useful with YouTube videos with the link backs to your other social video elements like in-video programming in which you can select a single video to promote across all of your uploaded videos and also placing subscribe and your associated website links embedded within your video.

Here is my very first Google Hangout through YouTube below
and it was certainly a learning experience with 287 views, 19 likes and 139 comments for this video which may not seem very spectacular, but 19 likes is very rare for my other videos and 139 comments is simply unheard of in one month alone since the upload date of 22 November.

Google Hangouts YouTube



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