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Adult’s World Book Day Costumes

World Book Day is the world’s biggest celebration of literature, it was originally invented as a way to encourage children to read more with every child between 5 and 11 being rewarded for the occasion with a book token. It is now very popular to celebrate the occasion in schools by holding a World Book Day fancy dress day where Children are encouraged to dress as their favourite character from fictional literature.
Though the day is synonymous with kids we’ve spared a thought for those adults who will also be celebrating the occasion, be it teachers or just parents who want to get their kids excited. We’ve written a handy guide to picking out an adult’s world book day costume.

Pick A Character

There are so many different books that you can choose from, so narrow it down to someone from one of your favourite books. It may also be a good idea to choose someone who Kid’s will recognise. Characters from classic literature such as Dickensian characters, The Railway Children or Sherlock Holmes are very popular and will easily be recognised by Children, you could even play a game with them, getting them to guess who you are. The alternative to the traditional costume is to opt for a more modern offering who Kid’s can relate to, in which case Harry Potter or The Cat In The Hat are great choices.

Buy Online

Purchasing a fancy dress costume online is far easier than trawling through the shops looking for something that suits you. More often than not online retailers have a much larger range and tend to be much less expensive.
Most of all, have fun! World Book Day is supposed to be a magical event for Kids & adults so enjoy yourself and let your imagination run wild!



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