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Ways to increase the security of your business’ vehicles - |

Ways to increase the security of your business’ vehicles


For business people in the current economic climate, minimising the impact of crime is more than a good idea, it’s a business necessity. Not only does it protect a business’ bottom line from financial loss, but it also protects employees. As well as arguably being the right thing to do, there are also advantages from an employer liability perspective, as having a solid set of protections also lowers insurance premiums.


Businesses should consider installing a Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) system. Having a CCTV recording system makes it easier for police to catch a criminal and to prove their guilt. Even better than this is the fact that having cameras conspicuously placed all over a business deters crime in the first place. Criminals looking to minimise the chance of being caught are likely to pass over a camera-covered business and go to one that presents a lower risk of landing them in prison. Installing a security system has the same effect; while it is likely to help in catching criminals, the real power comes from the deterrent effect that simply announcing its presence can offer.


Lighting is an additional deterrent. Criminals know that the more that they can minimise their visibility, the greater the chance of success. Well-lit store fronts and parking lots make it hard for criminals to hide. This is especially important to protect employees going to and from their cars during dark hours.

Fleet Tracking

A business’ fleet is also a major crime risk. Vehicles can be stolen or car jacked. Dishonest drivers can go off route to engage in any number of nefarious activities. Fleet tracking equipment helps to minimize the impact of both types of crime. The tracker makes it easier to recover stolen or misdirected cars and lorries, and similarly with a CCTV system it is also a deterrent against misdemeanours. Letting employees know of its presence and adding signage to the vehicle to let criminals know that the vehicle is being tracked reduces the likelihood that it will go astray.


Wise businesspeople set up many levels of deterrents and protection against crime, however even with comprehensive protection, crime still occurs. As such, purchasing comprehensive insurance coverage is the best way to cushion the financial impact of crime. Companies that have invested in protective equipment and systems typically pay lower premiums for their coverage. The combination of insurance and protective systems is the key to keeping a business safe and profitable in the modern climate.



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