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Missing that new car smell? Freshen up! - |

Missing that new car smell? Freshen up!

If there is one thing that you don’t want as a car driver, it’s a smelly car. Getting into a vehicle that has an odour akin to rotting fish or stale smoke is awful, and it really isn’t something that you want to put yourself through every day. And of course, if you are not too keen to get in then just imagine other people’s reactions? It might not be your fault that your car smells disgusting, but the chances are the blame is going to fall at your door!

Thankfully though there are some simple tips and tricks that you can use to keep your own motor smelling nice, thankfully this isn’t the kind of problem you have to face with car rental or van hire, since they’re cleaned by the company experts. Follow these steps and you should be well on your way to having a cleaner car and quite possibly a happier life!

Petrol station pine trees
Having a petrol station pine tree hanging from your interior mirror might seem like a good idea when you are paying for fuel, but.. .really, it isn’t. And it won’t make your car smell like The New Forest either. Chances are that a cheap air freshener will attempt to mask the bad smell that is already in your car, and fail, simply creating a weird concoction of cheap pine and unpleasantness. Having two bad smells rather than one is never the answer.

Use car mats
Sounds simple, and it is. Using car mats ensures that when muddy people and animals get into your car they won’t make a complete mess of the carpets. Cleaning carpets takes an awful lot more time than cleaning a bit of plastic, so make mats a priority.

Avoid stains – don’t eat and drink
The best way to stop your car smelling of fried food is not to eat fried food in your car. Prevention is far better than the cure. If you do eat in the car, then make sure that you get rid of the pizza boxes and dirty burger wrappers as soon as possible. Eat at a picnic spot or a service station instead.

If it's starting to look like this, it might just be time to clean out.

Give it some air!
Actually letting some fresh air into the vehicle is a great way of getting rid of pongs that aren’t firmly entrenched. Keep the window cracked on a journey or perhaps leave the doors open for a little while at home to allow air to circulate. Just make sure the keys aren’t inside or bad smells will be the least of your problems!

Quality air fresheners will fight the stench
It is possible to buy fresheners that do the job they were intended for, and can actually help to eliminate smells rather than just mask them. Do your research and have a look online at what other people are saying.

Too hard? Turn to the experts
If scrubbing the carpets and vacuuming the back seat just won’t shift that stubborn smell, then the best thing to do is turn to the experts and get a professional cleaning team to do a job on your vehicle – the kind of thing you’d find with contract hire. It might cost a bit more than undertaking the work yourself, but you can be sure that it will be quicker and far less hassle.

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