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Don't Check That Bag: 3 Ideal Carryon Suitcases - |

Don’t Check That Bag: 3 Ideal Carryon Suitcases

Travelers have to become a little more savvy when traveling by airplane today. With the ever-increasing price hike on baggage fees, you could easily pay just as much money to check in your luggage as you did for your airline tickets. Forgo the hassle of checking in a bag altogether and use a carry on. It will not only save you money but it will also teach you how to pack lighter by only bringing the necessities. Over-packing is probably one of travelers’ biggest offenses. Check out the top three carry-on pieces for you next trip.

Delsey Helium Fusion Lite 2.0 Expandable Suiter Trolley

The Delsey Helium carry on bag is affordable, lightweight and travels well. It measures 21 by 13.5 by 8.5 inches. This carry-on gets high ratings from travelers due to its durability and spacious, well-organized compartments. It also comes equipped with a garment hanger for suits, which is an added bonus for business travelers.

This carry-on features:
• An expandable body
• A self repairing zipper
• Two wheel trolley case

The Eagle Creek Tarmac 22

Travel in style and keep one less item out of the landfills with this Eco-friendly carry-on. The Eagle Creek Tarmac is made from post-consumer and post-industrial nylons, and polyester’s. It is light weight, spacious and meets most airline carry-on requirements. Eagle Creek has one of the best warranties around. If your bag is ever damaged, even by an airline it will fix the problem for you no matter what. This bag measures 14 by 22 by 9 inches.

Features include:
• Multiple grab handles
• Slip-away luggage tag
• Detachable piggyback clip that offers add-a-bag versatility
• Two interior zippered mesh pockets
• Large interior door panel pocket
• Exterior quick stash pocket and large zippered pocket

Red Oxx Air Boss

The Red Oxx Air Boss is an all in one carry on bag that’s geared towards the business traveler. This bag was constructed with three main large compartments. The center section is big enough to hold your toiletries, your business briefcase or laptop and an extra pair of shoes. The outer two sections holds your clothing items, and comes with straps to tie your items down to prevent them from moving. Measuring in at 21 by 8 by 13 inches, it can easily hold several days worth of clothes. This carry-on comes with a full lifetime warranty with free repairs and a detachable single shoulder strap.

Look at your carry-on purchase as an investment that will save you money with each use. Choose an item that has a long warranty that not only covers manufacturing defects, but accidental damage also. Industrial construction nylon is one of the toughest materials to get, so if you’re a frequent traveler chose this type of material. Whatever carry-on you decide to choose research the item before you make your next purchase.

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