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Continuing Legal Education Online

Continuing Legal Education Online before and After Law School


I took a very long break between Pre-Law and starting 1L, so when I started to continue my Legal Education Online, I was actually re-learning everything I had forgotten. I found that the information and methods one could use to

learn online now in 2011 compared to 2001 when I graduated Undergrad were monumental.

I have only purchased two books, otherwise I have been completely able to get all my necessary information and practice for my LSATS using online resources. Many of the college websites have huge databases of learning resources and I have been able to take  a practice test every week.

It actually makes me question whether education, legal education especially is still worth the high cost. Information is no longer hard to access, an intelligent person can quickly get a hold of any information they need and develop a strong personal learning path.

You should be able to test out of college. I could pass my Bar and be a great attorney with just another year of self study at this rate. Give me some sort of one year internship in a firm to learn the ropes and work at a discounted rate like an apprenticeship program and I would be golden, Its a shame we have to purchase everything in this world even when its just an overpriced piece of paper.

This is my first post and its better than reading more case law but I would be remiss to point out that Continuing Legal Education Online is also something that Lawyers are required to do in most states as a way of staying up to date with theory, ethics and law as it changes over the years.


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  • Article by Legal Larry

    avatar After a ten year hiatus from school and getting my BA in Pre-Law, I have decided to finally get my Law Degree. I share my research and notes here, its easier than organizing my bookmarks across multiple locations. I work and go to school what seems like every moment. But continuing your legal education is supposed to pay off. Please excuse my occasional off-color remark, I may be over-caffeinated or stressed out.
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