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The Top 10 Gadgets on the 2012 Christmas Wish List - |

The Top 10 Gadgets on the 2012 Christmas Wish List

Now that Christmas 2011 is over, let’s have a look forward at what might be on people’s 2012 Christmas Wish List (yes, already!). There are some fantastic gadgets due for release in 2012; here are just ten of the best that you could be choosing from:

  1. Next Generation Samsung Galaxy Nexus:
    The Samsung Galaxy Nexus next generation device hit the markets in Nov 2011 and looks set to be a big seller moving forward into 2012. This handset offers a powerful 4.65″ display screen with HD capabilities and the impressive new Android 4.0 (the Ice Cream Sandwich). Samsung is one of the only manufacturers giving the iPhone any real competition at the moment in the smartphone market, and the new Nexus is already gaining a strong following.
  2. iPhone 5:
    Apple never rest on their laurels though, and certainly won’t make it easy for Samsung. The new iPhone 5 is due for release in the latter half of 2012 and is tipped once again to be one of the hottest Christmas gifts. Little information has been released about this exciting new addition to the Apple product line, although pre-release photos have got Apple enthusiasts very excited.
  3. Apple iPad 3?:
    Whilst the iPad 2 is still sitting nicely on top of the tablet charts, we all know Apple really don’t seem to rest too long before they release updates for any of their devices. Could we possibly be seeing the iPad 3 anytime in the next 12 months? Speculation is rife on tech forums across the net, but as always it’s a case of watch this space!
  4. Samsung Galaxy Tablet:
    This funky little tablet is slightly smaller than the iPad measuring just 120mm by 191mm. The tablet boasts some very impressive features including 5 customisable screens, thousands of apps and widgets, a built in accelerometer and dual orientation. It isn’t as slick as the iPad but it does offer a neat package with plenty of usable features.
  5. Dell Peju Windows 8 tablet:
    Dell have been working hard on their new Windows 8 tablet range. The Peju is a great looking device with lots of great features and looks set to be a serious contender in the tablet market for 2012.
  6. Blackberry Playbook:
    Fans of the Blackberry should take a look at the new Playbook on offer. With some good sales in the latter part of 2011 this Blackberry is set to remain strong on the market going forward into 2012. The new look Blackberry has some great features and offers user-friendly functionality for both business people and leisure users.
  7. Sony Xperia PLAY:
    Sony have really upped the ante with their new Xperia PLAY smartphone. The model offers real game controls and you can enjoy PlayStation favourites and along with 150,000 apps.
  8. HTC Flyer Tablet:
    Another tablet to choose from on the market is the HTC Flyer. HTC is a brand that continues to impress in both the smartphone and tablet markets. The Flyer tablet is lightweight and compact and offers some impressive power thanks to the ultra-fast 1.5GHz processor. Add some great features and easy web browsing to this and you have a solid tablet ideal for home and business use. Again it is not better than the iPad but it is certainly not worse.
  9. LG Optimus 2x:
    The LG Optimus 2x is definitely worth considering, it offers the first integration of a dual-core processor and smartphone. This enables superfast performance and easy multi-tasking. Gaming is enhanced by the HD screen and NVIDIA graphics. A powerful smartphone that offers some serious competition for the iPhone.
  10. Motorolla Droid Pro:
    The Droid Pro offers a seamless integration with all of your organisational tools, including your calendar, contacts lists and email. This is ideal for workaholics both in and out of the office. Plan your day easily by setting up meetings and ensuring you have access to your emails at all times.

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