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Office Cubicles – The Flexible Office Furniture Layout |

Office Cubicles – The Flexible Office Furniture Layout

Office Cubicles

Office Cubicles – The Flexible Solution

Office cubicles are an inexpensive and practical way to provide your workforce with privacy and space to work, without the hassle of constructing individual offices. For larger organizations, these modular layouts are an efficient way to split large areas into productive space, and the open-plan layout helps to build a strong and lasting team spirit. Cubicles provide a quiet working environment, free from annoying distractions, whilst giving workers access to colleagues and supervisors.

Finding the best cubicles for your needs can be difficult, especially with the huge range of types and providers in a very competitive field. Any decision involves finding the right balance between budget, practicality and quality. Finding a specialist company to fit the office cubicles is easy, but you need to be fully aware of exactly what you need, otherwise you may end up with layouts that are hated by staff and management alike. It is easy to think of office cubicles as temporary office partitions, but you also need to consider a few other important factors.

Practicality and Comfort

The day-to-day operation of any office generates paperwork, all of which needs to be organized and filed. Any office workstation needs plenty of storage options for these files, alongside the stationery and other essentials that can swiftly overwhelm any workspace. Modular designs are extremely versatile, and can be fitted with all manner of extra furniture and equipment, such as office paper shredders. Extra options include bookshelves, computer desks and filing cabinets, helping staff to work quickly and efficiently.

Installing cubicles and temporary office walls can be an expensive undertaking, with thousands of dollars at stake, so you want to make sure that you make the right decision, first time. Ideally, you should include your staff in the decision making process and allow them to test the various options, for comfort and practicality. They will be using the office cubicles, every day, so they should be happy with the ergonomic layout. Failing to choose the right design can adversely impact upon time and productivity, ultimately affecting the bottom line. Companies lose many working days are lost through back complaints and repetitive strain injury, so buying low budget home office equipment is often false economy. Discuss your requirements with a few contractors, tapping into their expertise and experience.

Office WorkstationOffice Partitions – Layout and Motivation

Logically, most organizations want to maximize the available space, and cram in as many cubicles as possible. However, you must balance this tendency against the needs of your employees; tiny office cubicles are often claustrophobic and oppressive, defeating the object of having open plan office spaces. This type of environment is not the sort of working space that anybody seriously wants to occupy for a full day. Poorly laid out floor-plans will demotivate your staff and risk high staff turnover rates, so make sure that you consider this when seeking quotes.

When installing a few modules, layout is not a major issue but, in a larger workspace, such as a call center, the layout should not hinder daily operations. Staff and management should be able to communicate effectively, and the flow of work through the office must be carefully planned. If you have an HR department, they should liaise with the contractors, helping to devise an efficient and practical layout. Aside from optimizing the layout to suit your staff, you should consider the physical logistics. The chosen option must allow easy access for power cables, telephony and computer networks and cable organizers, preventing disruption when maintaining or upgrading systems.

Office cubicles should last for many years before they need replacing or upgrading, so look at the overall quality rather than just the price, because you will generally get exactly what you pay for. If your company may look to expand or relocate to new premises, in the future, choose office furniture that can be easily packed up and moved, allowing you to reuse and recycle, saving money.

Modular Office Layouts – Finding the Best Contractor

Installing the partitions is a specialized task, so you should search for an experienced contractor with a good record. A good contractor will be adept at liaising with the various stakeholders, finding a good compromise solution that will keep everybody happy. Many large companies offer competitive prices, but small, local companies also provide great value and a personalized touch, making this is a matter of personal preference.

Office cubicles are essential additions for many organizations, offering a blend of flexibility, cost-effectiveness and a comfortable, open-plan environment. Blending layout, ergonomics and appearance can be difficult, but finding the right contractor will make the whole process flow smoothly.



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