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The Pros and Cons of Running A Business |

The Pros and Cons of Running A Business

Owning a Business is a Challenge

If anyone ever tells you that it is easy to own your own business, no matter what type of business it is, don’t believe them. It can be fun, exciting, and great, but it is not easy.

Being an entrepreneur is actually quite difficult. It takes a certain type of person, a lot of persistance, and a willingness to push through during the tough times. Even the best entrepreneur is not always 100% successful. There are a lot of uncontrollable factors related to running a small business.

Why would anyone want to own a business? Well, any entrepreneur will tell you that they want to be in control. They don’t want to answer to anyone else; they like to be the boss.

Entrepreneurs enjoy the challenges that come with owning a business. They thrive on being able to dig their hands into the various jobs that being a business owner entails. Most small business owners are salesmen, bookkeepers, hiring managers, and janitors in order to keep their business running.

Owning a business allows people to make their own schedules, work with people they choose, and do the work they love.

Most Entrepreneurs Start a Business in a Field They Love

If you interview most entreprenuers, you will find out that they probably started their business in a field that they loved.  It might have been cooking, art, or jewelry making.  Or they saw a niche that was not being fulfilled by other businesses.

Since most entreprenerial businesses do not make money right away, it is a good thing that owners are working at something that they love.  It gives them the extra impetus to hang in there while their businesses develop and grow.

It is rewarding to see a business grow before your eyes, almost like watching a chilld grow and develop because you have invested time, money, and your heart into the business.

So Why Not Quit That Job You Hate and Start a Business Today?

If you hate your job, and are thinking about starting a business, think long and hard.

Owning a business is nothing like holding down a regular job. In a regular job, if you do the work, and the company is doing okay, you will get paid.  Your company takes care of all the taxes, give you benefits, and you don’t have to worry about whether your company has made a profit that day.  Most people just do their jobs every day and don’t really think about how a company stays in business.

A business owner has to think about how the company is doing on a daily basis.  They have to decide what the company can afford to buy, how many employees they can afford to keep, and how to pay the bills.  Every job in the company is their responsibility.  Ultimately, every thing they do affects the company. And most business owners never stop working or thinking about working.



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