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The Best Most Amazing iTunes Download Playlist Favorites |

The Best Most Amazing iTunes Download Playlist Favorites

Do you get search fright when you’re face to face with the iTunes playlist and go blank wishing you could think of those all time greatest songs ever to download to your iPod?  Well it’s happened to me a time or two and I’ve heard from many others that this phenomenon of playlist fright happens to them all the time as well.   You will want to book mark this list to your favorites for the next time you choke when it comes to thinking of the hottest new song titles.

I’ve decided to put an end to this and create the best playlist known to man.  This list includes the favorite songs downloaded by the most famous of people as their favorites. Read the list and have your own ah ha moments! You’ve hit playlist gold with this jackpot of amazing song titles. Enjoy!

The Best Most Amazing iTunes Download Playlist Favorites

I’m starting things off with the Beatles as we’ve long awaited their iTunes presence.

The Beatles are brand new to iTunes this November.

I’m happy to remind you of the Beatles favorites you will no doubt want to download first.

  1. The long and winding road
  2. Strawberry fields forever
  3. Something
  4. A day in the life
  5. Hey Jude
  6. Help
  7. Eleanor Rigby
  8. I am the walrus
  9. I want to hold your hand
  10. She loves you

This will get you started and in Beatles heaven.  Next we move on to the new pop classics. I’ve got to give props to Eminem for his amazing and powerful message that I am very impressed with and can’t get enough of, love the way you lie, coming in at number one.

  1. Love the way you lie, Eminem, 2010
  2. When you were young, The Killers, 2006
  3. Brothers, Hot Chip, 2010
  4. Vibrate, Rufus Wainwright, 2003
  5. Thunder on the mountain, Bob Dylan, 2006
  6. Back to Black, Amy Whitehouse, 2007
  7. Australia, The Shins, 2007
  8. Say you will, Kanye West, 2008
  9. Bad romance, Lady Gaga, 2009


The Best Most Amazing iTunes Download Playlist Favorites

I’m a big fan of classic rock and to that I must include a classic hard and metal rock playlist.

  1. Let there be rock, ACDC, 1977
  2. Child in time, Deep Purple, 1970
  3. Don’t get yourself in trouble, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, 1973
  4. So what, Anti Nowhere League, 1981
  5. Tattoo Vampire, Blue Oyster Cult, 1976
  6. Helpless, Diamond Head, 1980
  7. Evil, Mercyful Fate, 1983
  8. Prowler, Iron Maiden, 1980
  9. Free speech for the dumb. Discharge, 1982
  10. Silver Lightening, Bow Wow, 1977

The Best Most Amazing iTunes Download Playlist Favorites


Next up is the Rolling Stones; everyone must have a bit of Rolling Stones magic on their iPod.

  1. Wild horses
  2. Let it bleed
  3. Shine a light
  4. Time is on my side
  5. Can’t you hear me knocking
  6. Monkey man
  7. Tumbling dice
  8. Midnight Rambler
  9. The Worst

The Best Most Amazing iTunes Download Playlist Favorites

I have just got to include an all time great Jimi Hendrix .

  1. All along the watch tower
  2. Voodoo child
  3. Machine Gun
  4. Purple Haze
  5. The wind cries Mary
  6. Little miss strange
  7. Hey Joe
  8. Star Spangled Banner
  9. House burning down
  10. Foxy lady

This is a few great classics on the iTunes playlist to get you started and over the playlist fright in no time!

Much Love and Success, Katie





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