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My Shopping Genie Review

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Shopping Genie is an affiliate marketing program designed around a free shopping comparison app and marketed as an MLM (multi-level marketing) program. MyShoppingGenie is the shopping comparison app., whilst MyMarketingGenie is the MLM program

To be able to give away the free MyShoppingGenie app., new distributors pay a joining fee of around $200. For this fee payment Shopping Genie distributors receive a licence to give away the free MyShoppingGenie app and are encouraged to recruit new distributors.

Recruiting new MyShoppingGenie distributors is MLM. If you are not conversant with MLM, or already have an MLM downline, you should be very sure that you can create a downline before you undertake any MLM program.

MLM is not for everyone. In fact, I would say that only 1 in 100 people are cut out to take avantage of any MLM program: it may be less. And it is the MLM program that receives the most scrutiny as to whether Shopping Genie is a scam. Is Shopping Genie: Scam or Legit?

How do I earn money with Shopping Genie?

Now, to earn money with MyShoppingGenie you have two routes:IMG_4810.JPG
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  • Give away the free Shopping Genie app and get paid when the app is used, and products are purchased as a direct result of its use. The guideline is that you should receive $3 per month for each app that is given away and used.
    But, and this is a big but, in order to receive any payments from MyShoppingGenie, you have to pay a recurring monthly fee of about $30. So you need at least 10 active Shopping Genie apps out there earning for you.
  • Recruit more MyShoppingGenie distributors.
    As stated above, if you are not “into” MLM then this will not be easy. Very few people make a good living in MLM as a proportion of the entire population. Those that do, make substantial sums of money. And it is a residual income. These people will tell you how easy it is for them – what they don’t tell you is that they don’t tell you the whole story.


Shopping Genie – be aware! Your money may go up in smoke.

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Like all things, these products go in trends. In order to overcome this trending MyShoppingGenie is rolled out to new countries on a regular basis. After the hype has died down in one country Shopping Genie resurrects itself like a phoenix from the ashes and the hype begins in another country – so you would have the opportunity to be in at the beginning, if you have MLM compatriots below you in that country.

My suggestion would always be to undertake your own analysis of the merits and pitfalls of any MLM program, including Shopping Genie, before jumping in with your hard earned cash.

That said, if you still wish to join the MyShoppingGenie program then do so through the person that told you about it or from the links below.

Even after all that has been said above, if you want to get involved, here it is:

Just press the “Get the Free App!” icon to get Your FREE shopping and search tool for the best internet deals and coupons.

MyMarketingGenie : Review some information about how this opportunity works, get your free Genie, and if it is for you take the plunge and become a distributor.

Online fundraising is not all about donations. Online fundraising should be looked at in the round. Raising funds for your project is best achieved online. Fundraising can be achieved without any donations and without having inventory to sell. Read on …Online Fundraising using MyShoppingGenie



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