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How to Find a Trash Compactor – Buy a Garbage Compactor Online |

How to Find a Trash Compactor – Buy a Garbage Compactor Online

Garbage Compactors for Efficient Waste DispopsalGarbage Compactors

For many homes and businesses, buying a garbage compactor is a great way to reduce the volume of waste produced. Many garbage collection companies charge households and businesses by the volume of waste produced, so any reduction is a welcome relief to the monthly bills.

If you live at the top of an apartment complex, lugging garbage bags to the dumpster is a chore; therefore a trash compactor saves a great deal of time and effort. Mobile garbage compactors, designed for yachts and mobile homes, are yet another option, helping to ensure that your precious space is not attacked by a buildup of overflowing waste bags.

Of course, choosing the best trash compactors for the job involves searching through a number of options, trying to find one that is powerful, efficient, reliable, and keenly priced. In this article, I will explain a few of the additional things you need to look for in a garbage compactor.

Domestic Garbage Compactors

Because so many garbage removal companies charge by volume, investing in an efficient trash compactor is wise, and the reduction in bills will soon repay the initial cost. An efficient garbage compactor can reduce the volume of waste by up to 60%, and the only difficulty lies in picking the best from amongst the many options available. Trash compactors work upon the same basic principle, namely that you place waste into the hopper and allow a high-powered ram to crush and compact the waste into a far smaller volume.

As with any purchase, automatically opting for the lowest priced option can be false economy, and there are a few features that a good garbage compactor needs, as a bare minimum.

  • Key Operated Control Switches: Garbage compactors are high-powered machines, generating a huge amount of force. As a result, they can be extremely dangerous, so using a key that can be placed out of the reach of children is essential.
  • Easy Clean Trash Compactors: Garbage compactors soon suffer from a build up of rotting food and microbe-laden liquid. A good waste compactor should be easy to take apart and clean, thoroughly.
  • Garbage Compactor Charcoal Filters: Your garbage compactor, however thorough your cleaning regime, will produce strong odors. A model with built in activated charcoal filters will remove most of the stench.
  • Toe Operated Waste Removal: Compacted waste is heavy and removing bags incorrectly is a sure way to damage your back or shoulders. A model should have a toe-bar to raise the full compactor bags and allow you to remove them with both hands.
  • Noise Insulated Compactors: If you opt for a kitchen compactor, the noise generated by your machine can kill conversation or prevent you from watching TV. A top quality garbage compactor will perform its task quietly and efficiently, without intruding on your peace.
  • Power and Brute Force: Most compactors generate between 2000 and 5000 pounds of crushing pressure. More power means better compaction, but powerful machines cost more money. In addition, the filled garbage compactor bags will be much heavier, so opt for a lower-powered model if you have problems lifting heavy loads or need to negotiate stairs, doors, and tricky terrain on your journey to the dumpster.
  • Tilt Sensors: Most compactors are dangerous to operate on an uneven, sloping surface. A safe trash compactor will include tilt sensors, preventing operation if the machine isn’t perfectly level.

Trash Compactors for Yachts and Mobile Homes

Yacht owners and mobile home owners suffer from the problem of having little storage space, and garbage can soon overwhelm your living space. Because of this, many trash compactor manufacturers offer small garbage compactors, allowing you to compact small volumes of waste and free up space for other storage uses.

A yacht or mobile home compactor should have most of the attributes of its full sized brethren, although they tend to be less powerful and, for obvious reasons, lack tilt sensors. These smaller compactors have high tolerances for tilting, making them more forgiving on rough seas or sloping campsites.

Garbage Compactors – A Plethora of Choice

Garbage compactors are a fine way to manage your waste and significantly cut down the volume. With such a powerful and potentially dangerous appliance, safety is the most important factor, outstripping budgetary or aesthetic concerns.

With a little understanding of the basic features behind a good trash compactor, you can now begin to select from the best available models, ensuring that you find a safe, unobtrusive, efficient addition to your kitchen and buy a garbage compactor online.



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