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When Your Basement Floods - |

When Your Basement Floods

As a new homeowner, I must admit that I am frequently shown how ignorant I am to construction and diy projects. But, on the plus side, as each challenge presents itself I am forced to learn in a hurry and have reliable and experienced help and teachers.

One recent issue I had to learn to deal with was in relation to basement flooding. I knew my new house had issues with groundwater being seeped up in the basement, but after the hurricane weather had come through with no noticable pooling I had put it aside as a small issue that could be dealt with later. The sump pump worked fine and there was so much else to do.

But, it turns out that its not the day of the rain that one should be checking the basement. Perhaps, that is a “d’uh” inspiring statement for you, but I was unaware. So water sat in my basement unknown to me until the water level put out the pilot in my water heater and left with no hot water forcing me to check the fusebox to an awaiting 8 inch basement flood.

Its times like these that the importance of experts likeĀ  flood damage repair austin becomes apparent. It seems my sump had failed and I had no idea of how to proceed?

Would you know what to do?

Is it safe to step in the water, is there an electrical issue going on?

When these type of problems arise having someone like around can lreally speed along your problem solving.

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