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Reasons Why Adopting Animals Others Reject Is Rewarding - |

Reasons Why Adopting Animals Others Reject Is Rewarding

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A Pet No One Wanted

My family has always chosen pets that other people don't want. We have loved every minute of our time with them. Here you can see Amy's teeth are decayed. All them had to be removed.
My family has always chosen pets that other people don’t want. We have loved every minute of our time with them. Here you can see Amy’s teeth are decayed. All them had to be removed
                                                       Source: Flora Breen Robison 

You Have To Truly Love Animals To Look Past The Babies, Purebreds, and Friendliest


People are naturally attracted to kittens and puppies. They are tiny and adorable. Babies are supposed to be adorable so that adults want to protect and raise them. When it comes to dogs, many people want to adopt purebreds, sometimes for breeding, sometimes for dog shows, others simply for a love of the breed. For example, my English teacher in high school has always had dachshunds because she loves them. But purebreds are rarely found in shelters.

My family has always had strays or pets which other people rejected. We have loved them. There was Jack who was blind in one eye and was missing part of an ear. There was Face who was abandoned by his original owner. There was Katie who hissed, scratched and clawed at anyone who came near her when we first met her. (She never did let us pick her up unless she was ill. It was a tragedy around the corner when that happened.)


Now I have Amy, and I have discussed her in length online. She has had bad teeth which had to be removed. She was abused and not allowed to be adopted out to a home with men or children. She had to be the only animal in the household as she was dominated by the others. She is much older than I thought she was.

There will always be someone for the pretty and friendly baby animal. But what about the adults? What about the shy, old, experienced, or abused animal that was once a cute baby but grew up or didn’t mix in with the other pets?

Here is a list of reasons for people who love animals and are looking for someone to join their family to go to a shelter and avoid the obvious choices for a new cat or dog. Adopting animals at a shelter is the best choice. You will be rewarded.


Some Factors to Consider when adding An Animal to Your Family:

1. You cannot count on pet stores to be cruel-free.

2. If you can find a no-kill shelter like The Chilliwack Animal Safe Haven Society, then try there as anyone you don’t choose will be able to live out his life there and die of natural causes.

3. If you are a person who likes misfits anyway, try a pet who is ignored by others when they visit the shelter. For example, look for the shy cat who won’t go near you.

4. Try an adult cat. Adult cats will already be house-trained and the shelter will have spayed or neutered them.

5. An old cat needs love too. People aren’t the only species who gets lonely.

6. If you are looking to be a one-cat only family-like in apartments – ask specifically to see cats who should be only adopted to homes where there are no other pets.

7. If you must have a dog and you live in an apartment, pick a lap dog only like a Scottie dog as anything bigger will be cruel to the dog.

8. Consider that animals may live shorter lives than we do, but this is a long-term commitment. Unlike with human children, pets remain dependent on you.

9. Cats and dogs who have been rescued are extra loving because you are their Savior as far as they are concerned.

10. Never, ever, adopt a pet on holidays or birthdays, and don’t adopt pets to indulge children’s whims.



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