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Collecting Vintage Wine Glasses and Crystal Stemware |

Collecting Vintage Wine Glasses and Crystal Stemware

Adding Vintage and Antique Stemware to Your Collection

If you love vintage wine glasses, wine decanters, and crystal stemware, and are always looking for new additions to your collection, the internet can offer you a lot of choices.  One thing to keep in mind is making sure to authenticate the items that you find, either through your own expert appraiser, or confirmation that the seller has had the item appraised.

It helps to have studied up on the style and manufacturer that you like to collect so that you know what a genuine authentic vintage wine glass from that company should look like, and what features it should have.  This is true of any type of vintage or antique collecting.  The more you know about your topic, the better off you are when searching for collectibles.

Vintage Glassware can often be identified with Styles, Colors, and Shapes

Most glassware that is antique or vintage can be identified by the color of the glass, the style or pattern on the glass, or the shape of the class or stem.  Each manufacturer has a certain signature even if the glasses are not marked or imprinted in any way by the maker.  Whether you collect depression glass, or looking for glasses to match what your grandmother got when she got married, research the item well before you start searching online.



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Plutus Brands Vintage Vineyard Wine and Stemware Rack Price: $68.94
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Godinger Dublin Iced Beverage, Set of 4 Price: $19.89 - $12.95
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