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Cleveland Ohio Chosen to Host 2014 Gay Games |

Cleveland Ohio Chosen to Host 2014 Gay Games

Cleveland Ohio Welcomes 2014 Gay Games

Cleveland will host the 2014 Gay Games, August 9 – 16, 2014, an event that organizers say could have more than a $60 million economic impact on Northeast Ohio.The Federation of Gay Games selected Cleveland as the host city for the Olympics-style competition over Boston and Washington, D.C.

Cleveland, Ohio is not necessarily known as the most forward thinking city in the United States, but in my own opinion that in itself says a lot about how far acceptance of the LGBT community has come. Cleveland, Ohio is often held up as a perfect example of the Midwest, a down home average American kind of city. And if that is true, then the excitement and welcome of the 2014 Gay Games in Cleveland is a statement that should be recognized.

As a Clevelander, the thought of athletes, fans, and travelers of all kinds coming to Cleveland in 2014 gives me a lot to look forward to. As a promoter of Cleveland Ohio in my business, I am even more excited.

What the Gay Games Will Bring to Cleveland

The Gay Games in 2014 will bring a lot to Cleveland. We have about four years to prepare for the onslaught of international visitors that the Gay Games will draw to the city. Due to the preparation needed for an event of this size, one of the most important things that Cleveland will receive is an economic shot in the arm, and a huge boost to the travel industry.

Travelers will be coming from all over the world, some of them for months in advance to train and prepare for the Gay Games. Cleveland has numerous top notch sports facilites due to the large amount of professional sports teams and colleges and university sport teams in the Northeast Ohio area. The Cleveland travel industry has been promoting LGBT travel for several years now, including LGBT travel information from Positively Cleveland, the Cleveland Travel and Visitors Bureau.  The neighboring city of Akron will also be participating in hosting the Gay Games with Akron’s sport facilities.

Cleveland is a Large City with a Small Town Heart

Cleveland, Ohio is one of the most friendly cities in Ohio. A mixture between a large city population, and a smaller town atmosphere, Cleveland is actually more of a cosmopolitan city than most people might think. With the large number of top notch universities, medical facilities, and the cultural institutions, Cleveland is the home of a many highly cultured, highly educated people who are very fond of their hometown.

Clevelanders in general appreciate any organization that realizes what a great town Cleveland is to live in and visit. Visitors here for the Gay Games in 2014 will find that there is a lot to do and see in the Northeast Ohio area including some very interesting history. Cleveland is also on the verge of change in many ways, some forced by the overall changes in the economy, and others by social and environmental issues. Cleveland Ohio is no longer the rust belt city that most people perceive it to be.

How Will the Gay Games in 2014 Influence Cleveland?

“It’s difficult to change the world where it’s already been changed,” Darl Schaaff said, who directed the site selection process for the Gay Games in 2014. “I think that’s the reason you got the games. Cleveland really is the Heartland.”

Cleveland is a great choice for the LGBT community to influence America. A true representation of the heartland of the United States. Cleveland is ready to be positively influenced by the influx of the tourists, participants, and fans of the Gay Games, which will move gay rights organizations forward both in Cleveland, and the rest of Ohio. Sometimes fighting for rights is done better by making connections with the community you are fighting with instead of arguments.

The Gay Games in 2014 will show the heartland of American that the LGBT community is more like the general community than they are different. And the games will also show Cleveland what the LGBT community can offer to help Cleveland prosper and develop. The influence of the Gay Games coming to Cleveland in 2014 can only be a win-win situation for both the local LGBT community, and the general population of Cleveland at large.

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