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Buy Door Knockers Online: A Complete Guide |

Buy Door Knockers Online: A Complete Guide

Buy Door Knockers Online - Antique Door KnockerDoor knockers are an excellent and inexpensive way to add a beautiful finish to any exterior door, especially when matched with complimentary decorative doorknobs and hinges. The age of the intercom and the electronic doorbell means that they are often decorative pieces, rather than functional, but they are once again rising in popularity. Many homeowners are revisiting the elaborate antique door knockers, the Victorian lions heads and other classic designs.

Alongside the antique door knockers are contemporary designs and gothic themes, allowing homeowners to express their individuality and personality. If you want to buy door knockers online, they are available in an array of materials, including brass, cast iron, aluminum and chrome. They are stocked in a huge array of designs and styles and, as the front exterior door is the focal point of any home, a carefully chosen door knocker creates a great first impression.

Contemporary vs Antique Door Knockers

Many homeowners look for the elegant antique door knockers, in the style of Victorian and Georgian England, taking the form of elaborate lion’s heads, eagles, dragons, and other powerful beasts. These antique door knockers are available in cast iron, brass, or pewter, and add a touch of class to an exterior door, especially when they match the door knob and hinges.

Other homeowners prefer a contemporary, plainer door knob, feeling that it fits better with the overall décor. Certainly, a heavy, elaborate lions head will look great on a large, antique exterior doors, but will look overblown and ostentatious on a modern uPVC door. Likewise, a cast iron door knocker will add to the aesthetic appeal of a rustic farmhouse door, whereas an apartment door may be better served with a contemporary and simple stainless steel, aluminum, or nickel door knocker.

Choosing the Best Door Knockers

As well as varying in appearance and material, door knockers vary in quality and, as with most things, you get exactly what you pay for. Cheaper door knockers often lack durability and quality, affecting their lifespan and appearance. Cheaper brass door knockers are often merely brass electroplated onto base metal and, once this starts to wear off, they look patchy and ugly. Likewise, cheap cast iron, brass and pewter are poorly forged and liable to crack and break and will need replacement.

On the other hand, whilst stainless steel, chrome and aluminum are extremely hardwearing and mid-priced, they can lack the mellow beauty of some of the other finishes. Finding the best door knocker is a matter of balancing price, the overall look and quality and finding the one that fits. Whatever your taste, there is a design that will stand out and capture your individual personality.

Buy Door Knockers Online

For the average home improvement enthusiast, door knockers are not difficult to fit, especially to sturdy, wooden exterior doors. For metal and uPVC doors, check that you have the correct fittings and tools, to ensure that you do not damage the door and that the door knocker remains fixed in place.

Door knockers are a fine way to add a touch of distinction to your home, making your house stand out from the rest. Visiting your local store, or searching online, will help you find a style that is perfect.



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