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How To Be A Good Manager - Some Must Have Qualities - |

How To Be A Good Manager – Some Must Have Qualities

Looking for an answer to the query “How To Be A Good Manager?”  Listed below are the qualities of an effective and good manager.  These qualities are very essential for any manager to smoothly run the organization.  Just read this article and check the qualities that a good manager needs to inculcate.  I may have missed some qualities(there are just so many of them), if you have some more qualities to share, do so in the comment section.  Here are the qualities required to be an effective manager:

  • The Ability To Comprehend, Analyze and Prioritize: This is one important quality that every manager should have.  An effective manager has he insight to understand and analyze the task coming his way.  He then prioritizes accordingly and the most important job gets his immediate attention.  The other jobs are either delegated to others or are scrapped away.  This ability to prioritize and choose right action plan for every job makes one and effective manager.
  • Optimism Embedded with Logic and Creativity: A good and effective manager is always positive in his approach but at the same time, he doesn’t weaken his hold over common sense.  He blends optimism with knowledge in his domain and has a streak of creativity backing his knowledge.
  • Ability To Persuade: An effective manager realizes that not everyone will agree with his thoughts and decisions and that he has to convince people to gain their support and co-operation.  The ability to persuade ensures smooth operations and optimum results.
  • Expertise in Inter-personal Communications: An effective manager knows how to avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding.  He is an effective communicator.  Hence, it is crucial for any manager to be able to communicate accurately and effectively with employees and clients.
  • The Art Of Empathy: An effective manager is expert in the art of empathy.  He always cares and considers the other person’s needs and also understand their limitations.  An effective manager knows where he should stick to the rules and where and for whom he could bend them.
  • Power To Control Stress: Every manager should inculcate this quality.  The ability to stay calm and composed in all situations would keep him focused in crisis times and also facilitate him to take the tight decision.

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    I hope this article was able to answer your query for “How To Be A Good Manager”.  If you have any question or doubt, feel free to ask me.



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