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Expert Style Wordpress Design : Jason Santa Maria - |

Expert Style WordPress Design : Jason Santa Maria

Jason Santa Maria: I Cant Believe This Is WordPress

I spend a lot of time trying to find interesting tweaks and hacks to make WordPress become the CMS it almost is and the one my clients want it to be. It can be a fun journey, or it can be days of tweaking, simply to make a letter change color during some odd client sponsored request.

“I would like the title of the blog to wax and wane with the seasons and the tides, you know like a little moon” …ok, I havent got one that bad yet…yet!

But, while searching out some info about custom post templates and creating a very customized backend for a WordPress site, I came upon a very interesting comment, something along the line of – well every one of my posts has a custom header.
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Double take, thats a hell of tweak buddy! – so I had to look at the commenters site and its amazing. Im not going to try and describe it, its just a stunning example of making a CMS do what you want it to, being unique and powerful while staying clean and fast and it has great navigation. Its like being in a well designed store – you want to hang around even though you dont need anything. But, its better, because its not a store, its a site filled with great info!

It seems the guy is quite well known in web design and CMS modding, and has written the book on css3. So , Im probably the one out of the loop. Sticking this link here is my first step towards delving deeper into the site and the designers brain. make sure you click the next/previous buttons and watch the site change in between each article.




Jason Santa Maria: Portfolio and Knowledge



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