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The Top 10 Low Cost Ways to Romance Your Valentine |

The Top 10 Low Cost Ways to Romance Your Valentine

You Can Still Have a Great Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Romance Does Not Have to Be Expensive

In the current economic climate, many of us are saving our pennies due to financial difficulties, or just to make sure that we have money if something unexpected should come up.  But with Valentine’s Day coming soon, we also need to let our loved ones know that we love them.

The thing that we all need to remember is that Valentine’s Day is not really about gifts, but about the relationship that we have built with our husbands, wives, significant others, and our parents and children.  We can express our love to them and with them, in very low cost ways, and still enjoy the reminder that Valentine’s Day brings us.

So this article is dedicated to creating a list of romantic ideas that we can use on Valentine’s Day or any other day to express our love and appreciation for our own significant other.  We can let them know how much we love them without spending a lot of money.  Love is not about money or gifts.  Gifts are just one expression of love.

For each idea, I have a list of ingredients needed, just like a recipe, so that you can print out the list and use it for a checklist if you wish.  Or you can change some of the ingredients and make the idea solely your own.  I would love to hear some feedback if you use one of these ideas to let me know how well it worked.

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Romantic Idea #1: Fireplace, Wine, and a Blanket


A working fireplace

A fire set ready to go

A good bottle of wine

2 wine glasses

A comforter or soft comfy blanket

This idea will work best in a cool or cold climate.  If you have children, send your children to their grandparents for an overnight stay, and prepare your house for your date.  Clean the room that the fireplace is in, get the fireplace ready for the fire.

Invite your significant other over for a romantic evening.  Light the fire just before he or she comes over. The blanket should be a comfortable one, especially if you have a wood floor.  Spread the blanket in front of the fireplace on the floor.  You can add some cushions also.

Once you are both there, pour the wine into the glasses, and toast your love.  Let the evening progress from there.

Romantic Idea #2: A Relaxing Spa Bath


A bathtub

Bubble bath or bath salts

Two fluffy towels

A few scented candles

Fluffy towels

Romantic music

There is nothing more romantic and soothing than a spa bath.  Even better if it is a surprise.  Invite your partner over for an evening and prepare the bath in advance.

Light the candles, start the music, add the bath salts to the bath while it is running.  Then invite them into the bath with you.

Make sure that you have big fluffy towels for when you get out of the bath so that you won’t get cold, or even better yet take the bath in front of the fireplace like they did before electricity was invented.

Romantic Idea #3: Dancing Under the Stars


A starry night

A place to dance outside

Many people, especially women, love to dance but don’t have the opportunity to do so very often.  Even if you just step out onto your patio or porch, you can let the music drift outside from your house or you can listen to it on your iPod.

It is the closeness of dancing that is what is important, and swaying to the music together.  This works best when it is temperate outside, but if it is cold, you can come back in to warm up together and drink some hot toddies or warm cocoa.

Romantic Idea #4: Indoor Picnic


Picnic blanket


Basket of food–your choice (finger food is best)

Picnics take us back to our childhood, and even in the winter you can picnic without going anywhere.  It is a fun way to spend some time together at a meal and pamper each other.  Even just sandwiches are more fun to eat on a picnic blanket.

Romantic Idea #5: Trip Down Memory Lane


Old pictures or a photo album

Comfortable place to sit

Cozy blanket

Coffee or another hot drink

Taking a trip down memory lane is perfect for couples who have been together for a while. We often make photograph albums but then don’t get them out to look at them.

Sit down together on the couch and wrap up into a very cozy blanket.

Pull out albums of other romantic times you have spent together, and spend an afternoon or evening going through them. This is a great way to remember why you are together and what brought you together in the first place.

Romantic Idea #6: Go to a Free Concert


A free concert

A blanket or portable chairs

This idea is simple.  Many communities and organizations are offering free concerts these days.  You just need to find one that is of interest at a museum or community park.  Then sit on your blanket or chairs and enjoy it.


Romantic Idea #7: Take a Class Together


A workshop or class preferably about two to three hours

One of the things we have lost the most in this modern age is time spent together doing fun things.  There are numerous art, craft, cooking or other types of informal classes that usually do not cost very much.  Sometimes you can even find one that is free.

Find a class doing something that you have always wanted to learn or that you enjoy doing together.  For instance, learn how to make that perfect lasagna, then you can make it together another day.  Yum!

Romantic Idea #8: Movie Night with All the Works


A movie and movie player

A couch

A blanket


Finger food

Wine or soda

For me, this is a favored night in.  After a hard day of working, I love to stay in and watch a romantic or adventure movie curled up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn

This is a low-stress date, and you can even have a choice of movies to make sure you pick one that both of you will like.  Turn off the phones, and close the curtains, and just spend this one evening with your lover.

Romantic Idea #9: Afternoon Bike Ride


Two bikes

For the athletic minded, a bike ride for two is the best date in the world.  You get to discover new places, spend your afternoon in the open air, and get some exercise at the same time.

I recommend taking your bikes to a new location each time, then riding from there and then back to your car so that you can use the afternoon poking around new places instead of riding the same place all of the time.

This works best with a warm weather climate, but some people still ride in the winter.

Romantic Idea #10: Stroll the Museums


Art museum, natural history museum, or any other kind of museum

Take an afternoon to stroll through your town’s museums.  Many of us grow up and live in a town without ever touring our own home town as a tourist would.

Most cities have several museums that change their exhibits periodically, yet we miss out when we are caught up in our daily routine.  Break your routine and take your significant other out for a day of leisure, and education.

Valentine’s Day Does Not Need to Be an Expensive Gift Giving Holiday

Valentine’s Day is a day meant for lovers, not really so much a gift giving holiday, although that is what it has turned into lately.  Instead of a gift, spend the day with your lover doing something that you will both love.

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