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How to Find Trends on Facebook - |

How to Find Trends on Facebook

Social Network Sites a Google Trend Compairson
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Search Engine Marketers have long been able to use  data from search engines and Keyword tools such as the Adwords Keyword Tool  and Wordtracker to identify what searchers are looking for. Also, almost real time results can be glimpsed via the google trends application. But how does one learn what is popular and trending within social media such as Twitter and Facebook?

Well, many developers have solved that issue, if your looking to track social trends via Twitter or Facebook, give

  • OpenBook
  • Kurrently
  • Its Trending
  • Booshaka
  • Its Trending


A try!

The use of social media tracking can allow you to be the first to cover or market to a trend, which can me big money and big traffic.

I find that OpenBook is the tool I turn to for interesting data and searches.
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How to Find Trends on FaceBook



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