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On the way to a healthier and happier active lifestyle - |

On the way to a healthier and happier active lifestyle

New Year has come and gone and let’s face it, it’s too late to start making grand sweeping statements about how you are going to give up chocolate or drinking in 2012 as part of a New Year resolution – already most people will have given up on that notion! Lord knows I have…

Curse you, delicious chocolate!

But remember, just because January has come and gone doesn’t mean that you have to give up on the idea of making changes to your lifestyle. If there are changes that you really do want to make that will potentially improve your health and make you a fitter, healthier person, then don’t wait for a special occasion.

Lent is when many people decide to give up something bad and it’s not that far away – but why wait?! Make the change now! There are so many things that you could do in order to live a healthier lifestyle.

Giving up drinking, cutting out foods like pizza and chips and just saying no to chocolate are often on people’s to-do lists. But it’s not necessary to give up everything that’s a little bit naughty – making the decision to become more active and engage in exercise on a regular basis isn’t something that will stop you from going out and enjoying a night with friends or having a treat now and again.

Sport and exercise is something that we should all do a number of times a week, but in reality not many of us actually manage it. At the very least, adults should be getting 30 minutes of exercise, five times a week. That might sound a lot to someone who does no exercise at all, but that is the absolute minimum recommendation if you want to help try and avoid increasing your risk of developing conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular complications – there is a large amount of health advice online, offered for free, so you need not shell out money on books that tell you the same thing as any other site.

The best thing is that it is probably easier than you think to get your recommended quota of exercise in the bag. Simply walking for 10 minutes a day for example is one way of getting your heart working and doing your body some good. As well as this, cycling proves to be a fantastic way to get some exercise, tone the calf muscles and get out into the fresh air. Of course there is another major bonus related to these types of exercise – they’re free! No congestion charges for those!

There’s no need to join an expensive gym after you have made decision to become more active. Walking, cycling, running and playing football down the park cost nothing and outside of having a pair of trainers or a bike, there aren’t any considerable costs to how to get fit in 2012. You might decide to leave the car at home a few days a week and cycle or walk into work, take the children out for a run around or a kick-about in the park after school, or head down to the local swimming pool on a Saturday morning.

And no, this sadly does not count as swimming.

Why not make the decision today and change your lifestyle for the better. It doesn’t have to cost you any money, take up much of your spare time or cause you any heartache! There really is no excuse not to become more active, it just takes a bit of effort and motivation – so take the initiative and give your health a boost.

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