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Can You Buy A Great Acoustic Guitar For Less Than Five Hundred Dollars? YES - You Most Certainly Can! - |

Can You Buy A Great Acoustic Guitar For Less Than Five Hundred Dollars? YES – You Most Certainly Can!

My Fender F65 Acoustic Guitar – A Very Nice Japanese Copy Of A Martin D 28



Now it is just a fact that throughout one’s life he or she will try on many hats.  Some hats fit, other hats clearly do not fit.  Sometimes one makes a metaphorical hat purchase, and then decides that the hat didn’t fit.  If you follow what I’m getting at here due to your predisposition for intuition, congrats, I’m talking about thinking of giving the guitar a go, but of course you knew that.

I’m not sure when it happened – but I’d be willing to put the date in the 1930′s in the nation of France.  There it was that the first modern virtuoso guitarist became visible across the globe – he was a Roma Gypsy named Django, and he only had use of two of his fingers to their natural extent.  With two good fingers and an acoustic guitar – the French Gypsy named Django made music that folks still wish they could duplicate with their five fingers, and better guitars.

Making music the way that Django Reinhardt made music proves one point, and the point is that mind is superior to matter, and that creating art is more a project of the will than of physical ability.

But to play the guitar one must actually have a guitar, so mind over matter, and all that jazz – well, it too has some limitations.

Now I want to be clear about some things here before I start telling you about some great guitars that you can purchase new for under five hundred dollars – you can get a BETTER guitar used for that price than you can a new one, BUT if you are not an experienced guitar person, you could also very easily get ripped off by some unscrupulous pawn shop guitar seller.

It is very simple:  If you are wanting to buy your first guitar and you are going to buy a used guitar – don’t go it alone.  You need to take someone who you know and trust with you, someone who can look at an instrument and make certain that it isn’t a problematic guitar that will need additional money spent for repairs.

 The Seagull S6 Acoustic Guitar – Environmental Sustainability, and an OUTSTANDING guitar for the price

Seagull Coastline S6 Cedar GT Guitar

What is so great about this guitar, besides it being a full sized dreadnought acoustic guitar for less than five hundred dollars – is that it is representative of the new movement towards environmental sustainability, no – this is not an original concept to the Seagull Guitar Company, but it is appreciable and appreciative just the same.

Screw that, the fact is that it is a damned fine guitar – and regardless of whether or not it was made from the last couple trees, or not.  Facts are this:  Any Hattfield won this year’s Walnut Valley Festival flatpicking guitar championship playing a Seagull guitar that he paid less than five hundred dollars for.  Mr. Hattfield certainly now has at least one instrument (he got first pick of several first rate instruments that cost in the thousands) worth many times what his Seagull would sell for, but he won’t be forgetting the contribution his Seagull guitar has made towards his career, and nobody else should forget it either.



The Takamine G-330S

Takamine G Series GS330S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar, Natural


Takamine has become the favorite acoustic guitar manufacturer for a hell of a lot of persons, and all of this is for the very simple and very good reasons you would expect:  Takamine makes great instruments available at a great price – a price that most anyone serious about playing a little can manage to come up with.


One thing needs be said here – I am absolutely overly dis-positioned towards full sized dreadnought guitars strung with steel strings – but there is no particular reason why YOU should prefer the same instruments that I do.  You might be quite a lot larger or smaller than me – and you might prefer nylon stringed guitars, cedar top guitars, all mahogany guitars, or any of the other many variations of acoustic guitar!  This is all wonderful in my book.  If everyone were like me the world would be a boring place.  Never fear – Takamine makes a great guitar for you regardless of what style instrument you prefer.

The dreadnought design of acoustic steel string guitar, however, is and will be the basis for most acoustic guitars manufactured today, and tomorrow.  Takamine makes a hell of a lot of great acoustic guitars from the very cheapest beginner’s models on up to what virtuoso acoustic guitar shredders such as Brad Davis now play.  Priced at considerably less than this articles upper end target price of five hundred dollars comes the terrific Jasmine Guitar by Takamine – this is an all laminate wood acoustic guitar that is truly very playable – and absolutely all anyone would need in order to see whether or not their guitar hat fits.  I have personally been stuck in a living situation where I’d not dare have my fine instruments where I was living – but this was a non issue because a room mate in my communal drug free environment had a Jasmine by Takamine – and I can tell you the thing played beautifully – and even sounded a hell of a lot better than I’d have ever thought something like it would.



The Takamine Jasmine Acoustic Guitar

Ultra inexpensive and very playable – the Jasmine by Takamine is an outstanding value and very low cost all laminate acoustic guitar. EXCELLENT beginner’s instrument!

Rating by Wesman Todd Shaw: 5.0 stars

Now do please keep in mind that the Takamine Jasmine guitar is in fact the very low end of what is targeted here.  When someone sets out with a five hundred dollar budget and wants to purchase an acoustic guitar there are certain considerations that should be seen to, and met.  Primarily what I’m talking about here is when five hundred dollars is spent on an acoustic guitar – the purchaser should come away with a guitar that has a solid spruce top.  The solid spruce sound board is the first indication of a great instrument, and the five hundred dollar threshold should always net someone a guitar with a solid top.  Of course typically the sides and back of such a guitar will be laminated wood, but again – this is expected for the amount of money spent.  For all intents and practical purposes an amateur musician should never really need a better instrument unless they wish to start performing live, or seriously wish to impress their friends.

The Blueridge BR-2M

Blueridge BR-40 Contemporary Dreadnaught Guitar

All of my studies online lead me squarely to Blueridge Guitars when searching for the best guitar for less than five hundred dollars.  Simply put – I don’t know of anyone that I think makes better instruments, and more models of instrument and sells them at below my half grand threshold.  While I know for certain that all instruments reviewed here are very good, I tend to focus on Blueridge as probably what I’d most often recommend to anyone

Great Steel String Dreadnought Acoustic Guitars For Under Five Hundred Dollars

Here is a comprehensive rundown of five acoustic guitars from five different manufacturers – all outstanding instruments available for less than five hundred dollars.


In the end the customer should always be able to find an acoustic guitar they will love for less than five hundred bucks – and should the customer spend close to that amount, then they should most certainly receive an instrument featuring a solid spruce or cedar sound board, the hallmark of a great guitar.

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