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Prada by Prada For Men Aftershave Balm - |

Prada by Prada For Men Aftershave Balm

One of the great evolutions of the luxury brands is the addition of more products to their perfume lines. Lotions and balms that embody your favorite scent are my favorite in this range.

Prada by Prada For Men Aftershave balm soothes the skin and leaves you with the elegant fragrance of the cologne though more subtle.

  • Packed with te same compelling notes of tonka bean, labdanum, patchouli, geranium, vetiver, orange blossom, myrrh musk, leather, saffron oil and sandalwood
  • If you want a prestigious aftershave balm the Prada by Prada Amber pour homme is the one.
  • Favored by those looking to enhance their aftershave or cologne. Great for that extra revitalizing spark.

Prada by Prada for men the gift for the man in your life. Looking for an aftershave that stamps class and individuality?

The top notes of Prada pour homme parfum subtly enhance the aftershave balm.  The hues of a  rich blend of fresh mandarin, bergamot and cardamom leave a subtle masculine intrigue in the air.

Prada’s perfumers have then blended the mid notes of patchouli, tonka bean, and vanilla for a sensual air of Prada by Prada.

Now that is an aftershave balm for men to find comfort with!




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