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Good Fathers Day Gifts - Buy something your Father will Appreciate and Use - |

Good Fathers Day Gifts – Buy something your Father will Appreciate and Use

Picking out a good gift for your Dad on Father’s Day involves paying attention.


There is nothing worse then receiving a gift that has no sentiment or bearing on the receiver. People often use the saying “its the thought that counts,” and that’s true but I think its often misused. You see, its not that you “thought” to buy a gift, its the “thought” you put into selecting a good match for your Dad. Its not about the cost, as a day spent together fishing or offering to babysit the younger brother so your parents can get a night out would be excellent gifts for most Fathers. But buying some stupid gag gift or the latest $10 prewrapped item from Walmart isnt going to convey much sentiment.

You ended your parents lives, the least you can do is pay enough attention to pick out a valid gift on their special day.


So What is Your Dad into?

Your Dad, if he is like most of our Dads (or like this Dad)  wont tell you what he wants. He will say to not get him anything or to not waste money on him. He means this, but you arent going to listen and your siblings and Mother and relatives will think you are  a heel if you listen.  So, in order to pick out a good gift for Fathers Day you will need to identify which species of Dad you have.


Types of Dads in The Wild.

For ease of cataloging and gift selection we are going to identify your Dad using 6 main taxonomies.


Gifts for Geek Dad

Photo by osseous

Geek Dad can be hard to buy for. Geek Dad probably has the latest game and the coolest new phone. He likes gadgets, he probably networked your home. Had a blackberry before they were cool and can beat you in Tekken.

Does Your Dad drool at Brookstone or Best Buy?, then you have a Geek Dad.

Luckily, gadgets abound. If he is big into computing or videogames or phones etc. just avoid those gifts as he will be more picky there and likely have already purchased whatever he wanted.

Get him something unique, some top choices for Fathers Day Gifts for Geek Dads this year include:

GPS for Dad, Tech Watches and Video Game systems


Gifts for Motor Dad

Photo by p_c_w

Photo by airgap
Motor Dad likes to spend the weekend in the Garage with his latest project. If you take or move Motor Dads tools he will beat you or scare the pants off you. Motor Dad isnt afraid to get dirty or solve a problem. He probably likes cars and has the right tool for every job.



Gifts for Sports Dad

What's known as a humping
Photo by swishphotos

Sports Dad doesn’t necessarily play Sports, unless you count Golf. (most dont) But, he loves to watch them and has a favorite team and shouldn’t be bothered during the game or possibly the entire season. Sports Dad is easy to buy for, just get something from his favorite team or some way to make watching sports easier.

Gifts for Leisure Dad

Golf Ourting
Photo by North Shore Country Day School

Leisure Dad isnt necessarily lazy, he may work very hard but on his time off he likes to relax. Good gifts for Leisure Dad include restaurant gift certificates and anything that speaks of comfort.

Hugh Hefner Robes, Comfortable slippers, a nice bottle of scotch or a universal remote all speak to Leisure Dads Loves

Gifts For Outdoor Dad


This is Retirement
Photo by Icky Pic

Outdoor Dad, is the “real” sports Dad. He doesnt sit and watch them, he gets out and does them. Whether its a weekend out at the camp with the four wheelers or getting up at 5 am to play a round of golf, Outdoor Dad loves the outside and loves to be active.

He is easy to buy for because he has so many interests and zest in life.

Check out these camping stools that can be brought anywhere- or look around the section for the best options for your particular Outdoor dad

Gifts For Stylish Dad

Batman Carries Cinderella
Photo by edenpictures

Stylish Dad has a corporate job or has to cater to clients. He stays looking good, well manicured, fit and with classy clothes. As long as you know stylish dads sizes and tastes he is an easy buy.


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Top ten Fathers Day Gifts





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