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Paul Cézanne Painting Discovered - |

Paul Cézanne Painting Discovered

Post-Impressionist Artwork Find

A man in Northampton, England has discovered what could be a genuine and previously undiscovered Paul Cézanne painting.

The anonymous man bought the old 4’ x 3’ painting in a local second hand shop because he “liked the frame”.

He took it home and stuck it in his attic.

Recently, while leafing through an art book he came across information about French Post- Impressionist artist Paul Cézanne and thought he recognized similarities in the brush strokes to other works by the artist.

The painting of a small house with an orange roof surrounded by trees is now in the hands of the National gallery in London, whose experts are conducting tests to check its authenticity. So far, two independent art dealers have agreed the 1854 dated artwork to be an early work of Cézanne.

Paul Cézanne, born in 1839 in southern France, would have been 15 at the time, making this the earliest of his paintings discovered to be still in existence.

While this latest find does indeed bear his signature, Cézanne was known for using a variety of signature styles.

If it is proven to be a work of Cézanne, the anonymous man in Northampton, who paid less than $160 for his find, can expect to pocket upwards of $65 million at auction.

One of Paul Cezanne’s previous works Rideau, Cruchon et Compotier, which is a still life painting of a bowl of fruit, sold in 1999 at Sotheby’s, New York, for a record $60.5million and is among the most expensive paintings ever sold. It is the most expensive still life painting ever sold at auction.

It has an estimated value now of $80million.

This new discovery, if authenticated, could beat that price easily.

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