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The Top 5 Styles in Swimwear for 2012 - |

The Top 5 Styles in Swimwear for 2012

For many, the onset of summer means the arrival of the long-awaited opportunity to have some fun in the sun. Whether your summertime leisure activity of choice is lying around an above ground pool or, instead, scrunching your toes in the sand, you will surely need a bathing suit in which to engage in this outdoor fun. When seeking your perfect swimwear for 2012, explore some particularly trendy, and potentially flattering options. To make a statement while enjoying your favorite swimwear-requiring activity, select a modern and fashionable suit, showing your style smarts.

1. Ruffled Trims

Those seeking frilly and feminine swimsuits will likely turn to ruffled trims in 2012. This uncommon edging can add excitement to any suit and set your swimwear apart from the rest. Whether a solid ruffle on the edge of a print one-piece or bikini or a ruffle in a contrasting solid hue on a solid swimwear, this seemingly small detail make a big impact. These ruffled looks come in a variety of options, ranging from longer, feminine ruffles that provide a modicum of coverage to short and sassy ruffles that simply catch the eye and add some spice to an otherwise bland bathing suit.

2. Halter Tankini

Ladies looking to lengthen their torsos should select a halter tankini for their 2012 suit type of choice. A suit of this variety provides the flirt of a bikini with the coverage of a one-piece. The halter cut of the top adds a bit of playfulness and allows the wearer to accentuate her chest while still adequately covering her front. For an unexpected twist on a suit of this type, select a top in a different color or print than the bottom, adding visual interest to your swimwear selection. To make the most of the mix-match, select a patterned top if you carry extra weight in your bottom or a patterned bottom if you have extra weight in your topic.

3. Boy Shorts

For a sporty look sure to cover adequately, try a boy shorts style. Whether you prefer a one- or two-piece suit, you can likely find one with a boy short cut bottom. This style features shorts cut to sit just at the top of the thighs and fully covering the bottom, providing the perfect coverage for ladies with a larger derriere. This casual and athletic look is appropriate whether you plan to frolic in the surf or simply lounge around by your above ground pool, working on your tan.

4. Deep V Tops

Many swimsuit wearers, particularly those who are less-than confident about their thighs and bottoms, seek to draw the eye up and select swimwear designed to do so. For 2012, the mechanism used to accomplish this task is the deep V top. This top design features a bold V exposing some upper-chest skin and, in doing so, sexing up any suit. This look can be found in a one- or two-piece option, allowing you to stick with the style you find more flattering while taking advantage of this visually pleasing design option.

5. One-Shouldered Looks

Draw people’s eyes to your face by selecting a swimsuit featuring a strap on one shoulder only. Suits with this modern look will be all the vogue in 2012 as swimwear wearers look to select a style that differs from the norm and, in doing so, catch beach-goers’ attention. Suits featuring this contemporary design are most often solid colored, as the one-shoulder set up provides enough visual interest, making a pattern unnecessary. Though not the best choice for individuals looking to engage in sporty swimming, as the one-shoulder design leave you at risk for slippage and unplanned exposure, this look is ideal for those seeking to make a statement with their swimwear choices.

With the plethora of swimwear options at your disposal this summer season, you can surely find something that is both in style and fitting with your figure. By meshing these two, you can ensure that the suit you step out in this summer is a demonstration of your fashion sense and makes you feel attractive, leaving you confident enough to strut your stuff all summer long.

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