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The Bourgeois Country Boy Deluxe Guitar. - |

The Bourgeois Country Boy Deluxe Guitar.


Bourgeois guitars are hand made in the state of Maine, and are of the very finest acoustic guitars available anywhere in the world.  I’ve had my hands on a few of them, and there hasn’t been another manufacturer of acoustic guitars that has left the kind of impression upon me as has those made by Bourgeois.

No less impressive as a musician is Bryan Sutton, who’d came to national prominence under the tutelage of the infamous powerhouse of traditional music, Ricky Skaggs.  Ricky Skaggs had long been a endorser of Bourgeois brand instruments, and had already had his own guitar by that brand highly and widely sought after.  Naturally, protégée Bryan Sutton was lead in the direction of Bourgeois when the time came for him to upgrade instruments for studio recording and prime time appearances on national television.  In this manner was the Bourgeois Country Boy Deluxe created.  The Bourgeois Country Boy Deluxe is really just a dressed up Country Boy model, so naturally, that leads me to addressing the question first:

What Is A Bourgeois Country Boy Guitar?

Basically, the Bourgeois Country Boy Guitar is a full sized dreadnought steel string acoustic guitar with a spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and fourteen frets clear of the body made in the grand old style of the timeless Martin D 18.  At first glance such guitars as this aren’t going to look particularly different from tons of other guitars, and especially, the literally thousands of models of guitars that are very cheap copies of the Martin D 18.  The Bourgeois Country Boy, however, is not cheap, and neither is the Martin – these are professional or serious amateur instruments from the start.  So While the Bourgeois Country Boy Guitar is Dana Bourgeois’ own take on the classic and timeless Martin D 18 gutiar, the Bourgeois Country Boy Deluxe Guitar is all of that and then some .

So in addition to the all solid wood and first rate Lutheir’s pick of solid mahogany and spruce, what you have with this Deluxe guitar is the additional beauty provided only with bearclaw  spruce.  Truly, this is stunningly beautiful wood that also provides the velocity of tone that only the combination of spruce and mahogany can bring to the table. The finish on this guitar is also completely unique, it is not a Sunburst finish, but an “in between burst” finish that provides the beauty of Sunburst while taking nothing away from the beauty of the bearclaw spruce top.  In addition there are the gold Waverly tuners, the finest, most accurate, and beautiful tuners available in this world, rare Cocobolo wood binding, and a unique neck width at the nut of  1 and 23/32″.  Of course this instrument comes with a deluxe hard shell case

Beautiful gold Waverly Tuners – The Finest Tuners In The World


Bourgeois uses only the Finest Mahogany Available – Providing a bright high velocity tonality!


The totally unique to Bourgeois “In Between Burst” Finish!

Buckle up and take a deep breath, these fine instruments that only gain in value, and last for several lifetimes when properly cared for start at five thousand dollars.


All guitars by Dana Bourgeois’ top notch guitar company feature bone nut, saddle, and bridge pins which provide the musician with the most optimized tone, volume, and sustain available.  There are lots of manufacturers making instruments that try to compete with those of Bourgeois, but few true competitors.

Let’s give this fine guitar a listen!!





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