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Oh Brother Where Art Thou? Dan Tyminski, and His Martin D 28 Custom Guitar. - |

Oh Brother Where Art Thou? Dan Tyminski, and His Martin D 28 Custom Guitar.

O Brother, Where Art Thou?


The film Oh Brother Where Art Thou? by the Cohen Brothers was a smash hit, and is loved by many both far and wide.  It is a classic film and with a classic musical score.  The movie just isn’t going to go away, and will continue being one of the favourite films of many for years and years to come.

Besides the all star cast of great actors and actresses, the plethora of clever historical and pop cultural references continually dropped by the Cohen Brothers, and the very cool colour correction techniques used to provide the sepia tinted look, the film was also based on Homer’s Odyssey.

The soundtrack to the film Oh Brother Where Art Thou? is itself another timeless work of art, and was recorded prior to the shooting of the film.  Just as some of the best American actors and actresses were used for the film, some of the best of the best in American folk music were recorded  for the soundtrack.  There is nothing second rate anywhere associated with that wonderful film by the Cohen Brothers.

The entire soundtrack to the film Oh Brother Where Art Thou? is a virtual treasure of depression era themed American folk music, but you all know how it goes, there was the one song that stood out more in the minds of most than any other, and that song, of course, was Man Of Constant Sorrow.

Probably most people don’t know it, but that song was definitely NOT an original piece written and recorded for the Cohen Brother’s film.  Not hardly, and not at all.  The song Man Of Constant Sorrow was originally released upon the American masses in 1913, and was recorded by someone different in 1928.  It had already been a long standing cornerstone song in folk music circles, and was widely covered and recorded.  The facts now, however, are that most folks in the USA and Canada associate the song with the Cohen Brothers film, and George Clooney.

This is all well and good with me, as I love all of it, but the man who played that guitar riff we all know so well and sang the song that Clooney lip synched to was Dan Tyminski!

Carry Me Across the Mountain

Besides Dan Tyminski being a fine vocalist, and guitarist, he’s also a mandolin player.  Dan is a guy that always brings class to whatever musical outfit he happens to be working with, and he does this with a wide array of talents.  Dan Tyminski isn’t a flashy musician, and neither would he wish to be – he is a tasteful musician instead.  Literally, he’s the type of person that any star would love to have working along side them, and that is exactly why he was the man who helped bring the world Allison Krause and Union Station.

Unique musicians with highly personalized styles like Dan Tyminski often play unique musical instruments that fit their personal style, and so Dan Tyminski got together with C.F. Martin & Company to create the Dan Tyminski D 28 guitar.

Almost all Martin D 28 guitars are very similar combinations of rosewood and spruce, and they are always all solid wood construction instruments that are good for continued use and value gains for several generations when cared for properly.  This guitar, however, is a bit different, not in value, but in it’s internal construction, and external appointments.


The Martin Dan Tyminski Signature Model D 28 guitar!

The scalloped REAR shifted X bracing of this D 28 make it UNIQUE, and gives it a superior bass response!

Rating by Wesman Todd Shaw: 5.0 stars

If you loved the sound of the guitar in the song Man of constant Sorrow, then there is no replicating that sound without this fine Martin guitar with it’s unique rear shifted scalloped X bracing pattern and solid rosewood and spruce construction!

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