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iPhone 5 Sushi Pic - Unintentional Leak or a Planned Marketing Strategy |

iPhone 5 Sushi Pic – Unintentional Leak or a Planned Marketing Strategy

An Apple engineer fueled the iPhone 5 rumors market when a Sushi pic from his flickr account sneaked online.  What’s so special about the Sushi pic you may ask?  Before I answer that question, let’s have a look at the Sushi pic in question.

Iphone 5 Sushi pic

The EXIF data (Exchangeable Image File Format) of the above image shows that the original resolution of the snap was 3264×2448, that is it was taken from an 8 megapixel camera but the data also says it was snapped fromiPhone 4 but it is only 5 mega pixel and hence it is not capable of clicking picture of such high resolution.  Also, the pic was taken from 4.3mm f2.4 lens while iPhone 4 has 3.85mm f2.8 camera lensAlso the GPS data shows that this image was shot in California, where Apple headquarter is located.

All this evidence has made this the first public pic clicked from iPhone 5.  But how can an Apple employee be so careless?  or was it all planned?

Many do people that it is a publicity stunt by Apple and here are some of the reasons why they believe so:

  • The startling rapidity with which the iPhone 5 updates are sneaking out is a major reason.  First,  the reports of Sprint employees installing repeaters around Apple store.  Then, an iPhone 5 test unit goes missing and never resurfaces.  If someone had it, he would have posted all the iphone 5 specifications by now.  And now the Sushi pic. 
  • Apple is caught in a strange situation.  If it announces the release of iPhone 5, the sale of iPhone 4 will come to a standstill and also it cannot afford to lose the hype.  So a planned unofficial leaks seems to be the best way to stay in the news.
  • Many even suspect that it is stealing headlines from it’s competition.  Galaxy S2 and Droid Bionic are soon to be released and are considered major rivals of iPhone 5. 

Whether planned or unintentional, Apple is certainly enjoying the free press it has been getting and internet is abuzz with the rumors of iPhone 5 adding to it’s already soaring popularity.  Apple fans are eagerly waiitng for the official announcement.  If you want to know what features the new iPhone 5 might have, read this iPhone 5 review.

Also, do let me know your views on this topic, whether or not you feel it is planned or unintentional.  Don’t forget to share this with your network.

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