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Stop Losing your text online |

How to save your text automatically while typing

Never lose your blog posts, long forum responses, comments and conversations again.

Google Chrome Crash

There is nothing worse than writing out a long article or even just a well thought out forum response just to have it evaporate into thin air when you lose a connection,  your browser crashes or a website malfunctions. We have all had that sinking feeling and glared around angrily for something to blame and beat for the loss.

Im personally, a master at long angry forum responses, hundreds of words long suddenly disappearing because of a improper BBC syntax, most times you can hit back , but some sites just don’t give you any love – if you make an error, it all disappears. I did this rather frequently, my quick solution was to start pulling up notepad or a compose email message in gmail (it autosaves) and I would write into that when I realized the post was getting length y.
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Easy Solution to Saving Text

  • Use Gmail compose with autodraft as a backup
  • Use NotePad on your system

Thats not very elegant though is it?
Here is the Elegant Solution

Use the Firefox plugin “AutoSaveTextToCookie” to keylog yourself and backup and restore any textfield! Works great as an account manager also, just be sure you have a secure location or you clear your plugin when you leave

Interactive Sketching Notation

AutoSave Text in Firefox

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