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What Is A Blog - How To Setup A Blog - |

What Is A Blog – How To Setup A Blog

How to Setup a BlogWhat Is A Blog

A blog is a contraction of the term “Weblog”.  According to wikipedia, a blog is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events or other material such as graphic or video.  A blog is like a journal where you can publish your personal thoughts, feelings and knowledge.  A blog displays entries in reverse chronological order.  It means that the most recent post will be shown on top of the main page.  Blogs are very easy to start and a person who keeps a blog is known as a blogger.

Importance Of Blog

Blogs are very influential component of the internet and their importance cannot be undermined. Blog is a platform through which you can communicate with others and share your knowledge. Individuals and communities use blogs to express their views and get their voice heard. Now even big corporations have started using blog to effectively reach out to their customers. Blogging has become very important means of communication. One can share information with everyone quickly. Also in the recent years, it has become a main source of income and many bloggers are earning a living out of their blogs.

Make Money Blogging

So now that you know what a blog is and it’s importance, the next question in everyone’s mind will be “How to make money blogging” or “Can I make money with blogs? Well, the answer to this question is yes, but it requires a mix of dedication, hardwork and patience. So if you’re totally dedicated and committed then there is no reason to think why you won’t make money with your blog. The best way to earn through your blog would be to monetize it with adsense and sell affiliates products. If you start your blog on blogger you can now directly integrate adsense and amazon and start earning from your blog from day one. Also, if you’re serious about making money through your blog then you should consider buying your own domain name as it will make your blog look more trustworthy in the eyes of affiliates.

How To Setup A Blog

Now that you have decided to earn online with a dedicated and committed approach, the next step would be to setup a blog. Setting up a blog can be a harrowing job but with meticulous planning and following the steps carefully, it can be easily done. There are different stages in setting up a blog and careful planning and research is required at each stage. You need to follow the following steps to setup a successful blog:

  • Finding A Niche Topic For Your Blog
  • Choosing A Suitable Blogging Platform
  • Attractively Designing Your Blog
  • Effectively Writing Your Blog Post
  • Promoting Your Blog
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