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Time Management Tips At Work |

Time Management Tips At Work

Time is the most invaluable resource that we have.  It is limited to 24 hours a day and is the same for all.  Hence, it is imperative that we effectively use this time.  To make optimum use of our available time, it is important that we plan our time.  And this is where time management comes into play.  Time management is an effective tool that increases an individual’s personal effectiveness.  Without proper time management, any amount of activity or hard work will not give meaningful results.

This article lists some time management tips at work.  Following these time management tips will ensure that you have ample time for your work and personal life.

Time Management Tips For Work:

  • Plan & Prepare Today, For Tomorrow: 

    Plan your next day.  You will be amazed to see how much time it saves.  Get your clothes, shoes and office bag ready for the next day.

  • Distribute Your Time: 

    Distribute your time appropriately between your work, family and your hobbies/personal pleasures.  You don’t have to be too rigid, a rough allocation would do.

  • Avoid Procrastination: 

    Procrastination is the number one time waster.  Form a “Do It Now” attitude.  Remember, there is no ideal time or situation to start work.  So whatever work you are assigned to do, do it now.

  • Organize Your Work Place: 

    Organize your work place so that you don’t have to waste your precious time searching papers and other important things.  Keep everything neat and systematic.

  • Say No Whenever Needed: 

    Learn to say no.  Don’t let others take your life for granted.  Be firm but polite.

  • Delegate: 

    Learn to delegate your work.  Don’t think that delegating your work would lessen your chance for promotion.  In fact, it will give you more time to get ready for promotion.

  • Prioritize: 

    Make a “To-Do”  list and do the important tasks first.  This will ensure that you complete all the tasks within the deadline.

  • Do ‘High Pay Off’ Activities First: 

    Don’t involve yourself in doing ‘trivial many’ things at the cost of a ‘vital few’.

  • Avoid Perfectionism: 

    Don’t look for perfectionism, work for results.  Avoiding perfectionism will save you a lot of time.

  • Learn To Rest And Relax: 

    The importance of rest cannot be denied.  If you take proper rest, your productivity increases and this in turn will save you time.

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