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Prada by Prada for Men Cologne Gift Sets - |

Prada by Prada for Men Cologne Gift Sets

Choosing an aftershave for a man is a personal experience. A fragrance can compliment a man’s personality and demeanor. The right mens cologne can add to a man’s masculine intrigue.

In the past twenty years luxury fragrances have gained in popularity and in notoriety Prada has certainly been an aftershave that has grown with notoriety. Its many unique fragrances have conjured up different images but not without extravagance.Prada by Prada for men the gift for the man in your life. Looking for an aftershave that stamps class and individuality?

Prada Infusion D’Homme and Prada by Prada Amber Pour Homme Cologne are amongst the more subtle Prada scents. The cologne is sophisticated without being boring.The cologne evolves from a base of rich amber. This contrasts with the crispness of barbers soap giving us a classic men’s aftershave. Prada by Prada for men is again in the top 10 men’s fragrance wish lists for 2011.

Notes for Prada by Prada for Men

The top notes are typical Prada with a rich blend of fresh mandarin, bergamot and cardamom.

Prada’s perfumers have then blended the mid notes of patchouli, tonka bean, and vanilla. These mid notes give the sensual air of Prada by Prada.

The intrigue is left to the senses with vetiver, neroli, orange blossom, saffron, and suede giving you the barber shop air that the cologne evokes.

For men with confidence, sensuality and Independence.





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Prada by Prada After Shave Balm 3.4 oz Price: $46.99
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Prada Luna Rossa Pour Homme 4.2 oz After Shave Pour Price: $69.99
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