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Freelance Writer Hire – The Price of False Economy |

Freelance Writer Hire – The Price of False Economy

False Economy
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Can I Really Find a Writer For $5

Many online businesses and organizations simply do not understand the benefits of freelance writer hire, and fail to grasp exactly what a talented, seasoned professional writer can do. They happily pay considerable sums of money to business consultants, SEO specialists, and web designers, but they baulk at paying a decent rate for a pro writer. Unfortunately, they still see a writer as a cost rather than an investment, ultimately missing the chance to increase profits.

Using a skilled freelance writer sends out a strong business message to a wide audience, increasing client conversions and showing that you mean business. Despite this, professional freelance writers often meet a long, tired list of excuses, usually alongside a pitiful and insulting rate. Here are a few of the excuses that I have encountered during my career.

Hiring a freelance writer is too expensive – I can find content for free on article marketing sites

Too many webmasters have developed the bad habit of using content from Ezine or other such content sites. This practice costs no money, but it is unlikely to make you any money.

  1. The recent Google algorithm changes are punishing duplicate content, sending copied sites deep into the depths of the Search Engine Ranking Pages. Other sites will have used this content, so the chances of success are practically nil.
  2. Your marketing department will hate you if you suggest using duplicate content. They know that promoting such content is a fruitless pursuit, and you have just invited them to sip from a poisoned chalice, wasting their time. By contrast, a talented marketer can work with high quality, unique content, sending you site towards the all-important first page of the search results

I found a website offering content and articles for $5 a time

Another option, little different from the submission sites, are the notorious article factories. These churn out articles en-masse, selling them for a few dollars a time. Sounds great, doesn’t it? You end up with unique content and pay virtually nothing. Sadly, if you fall for this, you are forgetting the old adage:

Good Value does not Equal Cheap

  1. These article mills are renowned for generating poorly written, grammatically incorrect content. The vast majority of the content available from these sources is spun, with little research and no editorial input. By confronting potential clients with such poorly written content, you are insulting them. Unsurprisingly, this will not increase your sales.
  2. An experienced freelance writer can adapt their style and voice to suit your audience, personalizing sales letters, articles, and web copy for maximum impact.
  3. Face it; if they are selling these articles for a few bucks, how much of that is going to the ‘writer’? Are you seriously expecting to find quality at that price?

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I saw a freelance writer for hire on a freelance writing site. They wanted only $5 per article.

This is a very easy trap to fall into, because we are all business people and seek to find the best value for our money. However, at that rate, what do you really expect? Sizzling sales letters? Compelling content? Here is what you really find at those rates:

  1. Amateurs: Some amateur writers are perfectly capable of producing well-written, grammatically correct content that is pleasure to read. What they do not understand is that writing for businesses is a different level, requiring a writer who knows how to use words to their maximum potential.
  2. Idiots: Imagine that you need a plumber to fix your sink. Would you honestly hire a contractor quoting $5 per hour? No, because you would make the logical assumption that they are an idiot or that they intend to cut corners, making the problem worse. How about a car mechanic? Are you going to have your car fixed for that price? Competent plumbers, mechanics, and writers are professionals and they are not going to work for that rate. For a writer to make a living from such a low rate, they will have to take a few liberties. They will steal articles from others, with the magic copy/paste button, or they will mangle them in an article spinner, into a language vaguely resembling English. I have even encountered ’writers’ trying to peddle the same content to multiple clients after, of course, promising that it is unique content.
  3. No Ability with English: Too many people fall into the trap of believing that owning a word processor makes you a writer. It does not, and they fail to understand that professional writing requires that you need an excellent grasp of English language, grammar, and vocabulary. If you use content littered with simple mistakes, you will lose sales due to avoidable unprofessionalism.

We have a marketing department, so why should we pay extra for freelance writer hire?

This is one of the more common excuses, as managers and business owners often assume that somebody skilled at marketing is also a skilled writer. This particular observation is generally unfounded and wide of the mark, but it sadly persists.

  1. There are a few marketers who can write well, but that is the exception rather that the rule. Most lack the subtlety of voice and mastery of language to write compelling web content and sales letters.
  2. If you invest in a talented marketing team, it is more productive to let them get on with marketing rather than trying to learn the art of writing. Outsourcing your writing contracts is a cost effective way to generate great content, with the added bonus that you don’t need to pay salary, taxes, social security, or fringe benefits. Let your marketing department concentrate on their job rather than pile on a larger workload.
  3. Marketers love working with professional writers, because quality content is much easier to promote, especially at a time when the search engines are trying to promote quality over quantity. A pro writer working alongside a skilled marketing team can raise your campaigns to the next level.

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A freelance writer can’t possibly understand my business. I will do the writing myself

A few businesses are very possessive about their expertise, believing that a content writer cannot possibly understand the ins and outs of their organization, so try to write the content themselves. This strategy rarely works; you may be brilliant in your field, but that does not mean you can write professionally.

  1. There is a host of freelance writers for hire, many of whom will have expertise in your subject area. In addition, professional writers have the ability to research any topic in depth, quickly and efficiently. We are good at absorbing information; that is part of the territory.
  2. If you are a talented writer, good luck to you. However, in the vast majority of cases, people are not as good at writing as they think they are. There is a world of difference between competent, yet lifeless copy, and the crackling, emotive prose that a specialist can produce. Like any other professional, a freelance writer knows their craft and is a genuine asset.

I can’t afford freelance writer hire

Many business owners still subscribe to the view that hiring an experienced freelance writer is a luxury. In many ways, most of the entries in this tired list of shame boil down to an unwillingness to spend money.

  1. Hiring a writer is an investment, a way of spending money to make more money. A talented content writer isn’t a cost; they are a benefit, because a good content writer or sales writing specialist will increase conversions and vastly enhance your professional image and brand.
  2. Any online business wanting to become successful knows that they have to set aside a budget for advertising. When calculating your expenditure for sales letters, content writing, newsletters, and adverts, setting aside money for professional writer hire will increase the chance of a successful advertising campaign.

Freelance Writers as Part of the Marketing Trirumvate

If you don’t believe me, start surfing. Look at the leaders in your field, browsing their websites, sales letters, newsletters, and articles. You will notice that they have three things in common.

  1. Their web designers create professional, slick websites that encourage customers to browse, and they regularly update the site to reflect changing tastes and trends.
  2. Their marketing market consistently produces memorable campaigns, using innovation and creativity to capture new audiences.
  3. Their writers produce high quality brochures, newsletters, web content, articles, and sales letters, filled with fresh, rich content designed to attract new clients and value core customers.

A successful online business understands the importance of these three aspects, and they fully understand that they cannot afford to cut corners at any stage of the process. This is why they thrive, even if their products, customer service, and prices are inferior to yours. They know how to play the game and change their approach to reflect the online trend towards quality rather than treating potential clients as brainless morons.

Hire a Professional Freelance Writer Editor

If you want to hire an experienced writer who can help your business grow and adapt, please feel free to visit my site.

Hire a Freelance Writer

Instead of asking whether you afford freelance writer hire, ask whether you can afford not to hire the best.

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