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7 Tips To Keep A 2 Year Old Occupied In Flight - |

7 Tips To Keep A 2 Year Old Occupied In Flight


Occupy a two year oldTravelling on a plane with your child can be a daunting task. Your child’s screaming and fidgeting can be annoying to others on the plane. Two year olds generally don’t like to sit still and need to constantly be entertained. The happier they are on the plane, the lesser are your problems. By keeping them occupied, you can have a peaceful flight. How will you keep them occupied? Continue reading to find out the tips for traveling with kids.


1. Use pictures – We live in a world that depends on technology for everything. So, you might as well use it to please your two year old. Put up some animated pictures or fun images onto your phone or digital camera. This should keep them entertained for quite a while. Put up pictures of the places you are going to visit. Upload pictures of people you are going to visit and you can also tell them stories of the pictures to keep them busy.

2. Use things available on the plane – Two year olds are easily fascinated by the most simplest of things. Ask the flight attendant for a plastic cup, one or two ice cubes and a straw. These three items can occupy a child for a long time. Your two year old can play many games with just these three things. Ice is very fascinating to kids they are amused by it. Though, you must ensure that they don’t put anything into their mouth.

3. Use the airplane magazine – In can you haven’t carried any good travel book, just pick up the airline magazine and show it to your two year old. Play games with your child; you can ask them to locate items on the magazine. The pictures in it can keep him occupied for a good while.

4. Tell them stories – You and your kid will be entertained if you can tell them fancy stories. Make up stories about absolutely anything. Children love stories and are transported into a world of their own. You could even tell them about how planes work.

5. Carry toys – Toys can be a life saver. Carry a few of them so that your kids have something to play with when they start to get fidgety. It is best if you carry more than one toy in case your child gets bored of the first toy.

6. Let your kid draw – Bring a few drawing books and crayons. These are cheap and available at the terminal itself. You can also buy a sticker book or a magnadoodle, these are known to keep kids happy. Very basic workbooks are challenging for two year olds and can help keep them busy.

7. Rent a movie – Most flights have in-flight entertainment. The flights have movies which you can rent. Movies for kids are a good hour and a half long. The money you spend on renting movies will be well worth it.

If you can keep your kid occupied until he is able to fall asleep, you will have a peaceful flight. You also realise that amusing your two year old can also keep you occupied.

Thus, there are a number of ways in which you can keep your kid occupied and make him enjoy the flight. The time will pass in no time and you will also be at peace during your flight. So, do try these trips and have a happy journey!

About the Writer – Uttoran Sen is a traveler and an author since 2004, he likes to travel various places throughout the world and write them down on his travel blog. For more travel tips and resources, please visit travel tamed.

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