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5 Great Features that Come with Weber Gas Grills |

5 Great Features that Come with Weber Gas Grills

In the world of barbecue, there is one company that stands above the rest in terms of quality and durability. Weber has been in the game the long time and their products have directly contributed to wonderful family memories. In fact, if you ask most people to name a brand of barbecue, Weber will probably be at the top of the list. This is a company that has taken many steps to earn their reputation and they come up with new great products every year. If you’re looking for an upgrade for your current grill or an entirely different approach to backyard cooking, they likely have a model that will fit your needs. You can find barbecues in all price ranges and you’ll be able to buy confidently with Weber quality assurance. Here is a quick look at some of the best features that these home barbecues have.

Individual Butane Control – it’s clear that Weber designers are true fans of barbecue and they know what they’re doing. While high temperatures are involved, it’s not about throwing endless power on whatever you put on the grill. Having a solid degree of control is absolutely essential when you want to do things properly. Otherwise you just end up with charred meat that tastes all the same. Larger Weber grills come with individual controls for each burner, and that allows you to get the exact temperatures you want for quality cooking. Most of the competition has one general temperature knob for the entire grill, and that can cause problems when you want to cook different elements at the same time. You won’t experience this hurdle with a Weber Genesis or Summit series grill that effectively serves as an outdoor kitchen.

Flavour bars – the best thing about barbecuing is the opportunity to inject so much flavor into your food. It comes from your marinade, the quality of your meat, and from the grill itself. Weber has given you a whole new way to add taste which involves flavour bars at the bottom of the grill. As your food cooks and drippings fall onto the flavor bars, which weight is turned into smoke which is sent upwards. That means your food is effectively coated with your BBQ smoke, and that means more taste for you.

The Sear station – larger Weber grills come with a cooking area in the center that allows for high temperature cooking associated with charbroiled steaks. You can also use it for things like salmon if you want to get a nice crispy layer of skin. And since you still have plenty of room surrounding this sear station, you can effectively cook a variety of meats while having everything come off the grill at the same time.

Slow Cooking Goodness – everyone loves a slow roasted chicken or entire rack of ribs. You can make the process extremely easy with a modern Weber grill that basically turns into an outdoor oven upon closing the lid. Simply set the temperature and keep an eye on the gauge as your food of roasts to perfection. If you got a couple of hours on hand, it’s a great chance to cook larger cuts of meat that will come out better than anything you prepare in a traditional oven. Infused with smoke and loaded with juices, this is the way barbecue was meant to be experienced.

Long Lasting – Weber grills are known for their durability and quality construction. They feature weatherproof designs that are perfect for all seasons, and the addition of a simple cover will ensure your grill lasts for years. Even traditional Weber charcoal grills are known to last for nearly a decade, and you might even have one in your backyard right now. These barbecues might come with the higher-priced tag but it’s not wasted money in any sense. Buying something more expensive in the beginning ultimately delivers you more bang for your buck for a grill that your children can grow up with.


This look at quality Weber grills comes from, a site that celebrates the love of BBQ cooking where you can find further information on the best gas grills.


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