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Why Elixir Acoustic Guitar Strings Will Save You Time And Money! - |

Why Elixir Acoustic Guitar Strings Will Save You Time And Money!

Elixir Light Nanoweb 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

Since the time that I first took the chance to spend those extra dollars for Elixir brand acoustic guitar strings I’ve truly come to appreciate that product as superior in a greater and more profound way than I can actually explain to you.  No worries, I’m still going to do my best to explain it.  You see, I hate changing guitar strings, and I hate more than anything tuning a guitar after changing strings.

Anyone that plays the guitar and regularly changes strings knows exactly what it is that I’m talking about here.  Having installed the new set of strings in no way makes the job finished, as the strings continue to stretch and adjust a while until you can get them to stay in tune, try as you might with various and sundry tricks to make it all go along faster, it just isn’t a pleasant experience.

Maybe you are different and don’t mind it?  I apologize then, but unless you spend most of your time in a recording studio or performing live – then Elixir brand strings are still the way to go for you.

Believe me, I was sceptical myself at first.  I’d heard some old timers saying things about how they’d never pay fifteen dollars or so for a gosh darn set of guitar strings.  Let me tell you the truth – those old and stuck in the past persons lost money on their jadedness and inflexibility.

I can wear out a brand new set of phosphor/bronze wound guitar strings in less than a week.  I can stick a set of Elixir brand guitar strings on a guitar, do the same amount of playing per week,  or more – and six months later I still think they sound too good to replace.

No joke.  No exaggeration.

Of course this isn’t really new information at all.  These strings have been around for a while now.  But let me tell you something else.  I’ve bought other brands of coated strings to try for  comparison, and I was totally ripped off, and will NOT make the same mistake again!  I don’t know if I’d just got a set of strings from a bad batch, or what – but I don’t care either.  I’ve never had a bad set of Elixir strings, and unless the day comes when I’m going to play live for a sizeable crowd, or record myself for a youtube or Hubpages video, I’m never again using another brand of strings, and trust me; I’m 38 years old, and have played the guitar since I was 11 or 12.

For someone recording or about to play live, brass wound or phosphor bronze wound strings might be preferable – but for someone playing a lot at home or with friends, then one would simply just have to love to steadily spend money for new strings, and enjoy changing them and tuning their instrument to NOT benefit from Elixir.


The very best strings anyone could possibly purchase – they last for a very long time, and sound to my ears as good as brand new non coated phosphor/bronze wound strings.

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