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Prada by Prada For Men Bath and Shower Gel - |

Prada by Prada For Men Bath and Shower Gel

The devil may wear Prada but what about in the shower? Bring that luxurious spa sensation to your own bathroom.

Prada by Prada For Men bath and shower gel gives you a most luxurious moisturizing body wash. Perfect for an evening on the town.

  • The gel naturally keeps your skin moisturized
  • Gently cleanses as it hydrates your skin, leaving you fresh with that tangy clean feeling.
  • Has subtle hunts of the amber based Prada amber pour homme fragrance
  • Leaves skin completely soft & clean after you apply after bathing.
  • Ideal for bath or shower.

Prada by Prada for men the gift for the man in your life. Looking for an aftershave that stamps class and individuality?

*** Explore the great gift packages and sets that Prada is renowned for that are now available. Prada by Prada for Men, Amber pour homme colognes, bath gels and balms are perfect gifts for the modern man.



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