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Making the most of your e-mail - |

Making the most of your e-mail

There is no arguing that in the current economic climate a firm needs to use every possible asset at its disposal in order to win new business and maintain existing contracts and customers. Times are tough across most industries and you’d be hard pressed to find a company that has not been affected by the recession over the last few years. Things are getting better, but there are steps that all businesses can take to make sure that they are exploiting every possible avenue and opportunity that is open to them.

Making the most of email is one of these things. A lot of companies, especially small businesses, will only use their email system once an order has been received from a client, during the shipping process and perhaps once the customer has received the item they’ve bought. That’s it – a few emails to each customer after they have committed themselves to buying a product. However, it is possible to do so much more with emails. Yes, it is just a communications tool, but who says that you only need to communicate with a customer once they have placed an order. How about the thousands of potential customers who are thinking of placing an order but haven’t made their minds up? Or indeed how about the customers who have bought, and can be persuaded to buy again?

Email marketing is a fantastic way of making sure that potential customers know all about your products and services, and that past customers don’t forget. You don’t want to end up spamming your customers with hundreds of emails that they really don’t want of course – that would be counter-productive. However, informing them about company news, offers, special discounts or upcoming sales is a different matter. As long as your emails are written well and presented in a professional manner they are likely to be well received, and might well help to win you extra business.

And remember, ‘professional’ is the watchword. Whatever you do, don’t start sending out emails that have not been proofed properly. No one wants to see spelling and grammar mistakes in a correspondence they believed to have come from a respectable company. Take the time to proof emails properly and then double check them. And when you’re just about ready to send an email out to the thousands of clients in your address book, stop, and check it again.

There are plenty of things that businesses across all industry sectors can do to help boost sales in these tough times, and it pays to start with the simple things. Keep in contact with your old customers and make sure that new, potential clients don’t forget about you. Harnessing the power of email is unlikely to turn you into a millionaire over night, but it might just prove to be an important step on the road.

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