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Guitar Picks For Acoustic Guitar - All Plectrums Are NOT Created Equal. - |

Guitar Picks For Acoustic Guitar – All Plectrums Are NOT Created Equal.

When it comes to fine acoustic guitars, the persons who own them often spend huge amounts of time reading about woods, and specifications, and competitive instruments to the ones they do own, or seek to purchase.  Acoustic or not – guitar owners are sometimes as obsessive about their guitars as rednecks are with their 4×4 pickups.  What is often either annoying or mystifying, however, is how little thought some guitar pickers put into the actual picks or plectrums they use to play.

All guitar picks are not created equal.  In fact, most of them ought not to have ever been created to begin with.  In my life I’ve witnessed stupendous things, and stupid things; among the stupid things were men and women playing guitars that cost them over two thousand American dollars with a pick or plectrum that was worth less than a penny.

The Fender Thin Guitar Pick – these should NEVER be used to play an acoustic guitar.

Fender Thin 351 Shell Picks 12 pak

It is certainly none of my business what kind of guitar pick you use to play your guitar.  Far be it from me to even want to make decisions for anyone.  I’m a libertarian minded man.  I want you to make your decisions, and what I don’t want is someone attempting to make your decisions for you.  If you’ve got a cheap acoustic guitar, or an expensive acoustic guitar, or a guitar you love somewhere in between and you wish to not have the thing sound very good, then by all means, use a Fender thin guitar pick….just don’t expect to get many admiring looks or much applause from your Fender thin performance, and your very thin sound, okay?

The Fender thin…is a guitar pick meant to be used on an electric guitar.  If you use one on an acoustic guitar…it’s going to sound like crap, and even if the guitar you happen to be playing is worth thousands of dollars.

Why does the Fender thin picks when used on even the finest acoustic guitars sound like crap?

1. They were made for electric guitars

2. Acoustic guitars get sound from vibrations of string and wood…and a Fender thin is a very thin piece of plastic, plastic, is typically very cheap material…America throws tons and tons of it in the garbage every single day.

3. Even if you have an acoustic/electric guitar…the Fender thin will sound like crap, even when you are plugged in, as a thin piece of trash shaped like a guitar pick simply can’t draw the beautiful tonality out of a fine guitar…regardless of who uses one.

4. If you haven’t caught my drift by now…you never will.

Get the MOST sound out of your acoustic guitar by using TORTEX guitar picks.

Dunlop Standard Tortex Picks, 12 Pack, Green, .88mm

So what is Tortex?

Eh well, it’s not the cheap plastic used in picks made for electric guitars – what it is, is another synthetic material of some composition or another, but with a definite purpose, and the purpose is to sound or replicate the sound as much as is possible as is produced with a fine acoustic guitar is played with a tortoise shell pick.  We simply can no longer accept killing Hawksbill sea turtles to make guitar picks, pick guards, or anything else with.

Quite literally, people used to behave like that, and still they often do….kill a living thing to make something stupid with.  Who needs a hair brush made from a dead sea turtle?  Nobody, is who.  Still, when it comes to the tortoise shell picks…nothing else can exactly get the sound those things do…nothing.  Those tortoise shell picks are legal to own, but now very illegal to SELL.  Thus, Tortex, the best thing going for the acoustic flatpicker, and the turtles.

For more information, peruse the following:

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You can’t get a great sound from a cheap guitar pick.

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