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5S Seiton

5S Seiton Set in Order

5S Seiton is the second stage of 5S Lean Manufacturing, the first having been 5S seiri which removed all the clutter from your work place. 5S is a methodical way to improve your workplace layout and organisation to make it more efficient, ergonomic and safer for your employees. Developed as part of Lean Manufacturing the benefits of 5S are very significant.

5S Seiton

5S Seiton is about setting everything in order once you have removed all the clutter, it means identifying what you need and where you need it. A place for everything and everything in its place as some would say.

Identify all of the tools, fixtures and components required within your working area and try to put them as close to where you actually need them as possible. This is where a little ingenuity on the part of your team comes into play and people can come up with many ideas to ensure that things are where they need to be.

5S Seiton Workplace Organisation

This can come in the way of airtools that are suspended from above rather than laid loose on the workbench, components that are fed from the rear of the working area so that the operator does not have to turn to retrieve them and so on.

Every item should have an identified location so that everyone knows what belongs where and quickly can see if anything is missing or if supplies are getting low. Often part locations can have minimum stock levels highlighted so that it is very obvious when to get more.



Workplace Layout

When implementing 5S Seiton things should be stored as close as possible to where they are needed, if you have multiple fixtures or tools that are used try to put those that are used the most frequently as close as possible and those that are rarely used can be located less closely. Use tools such as Pareto to identify the tools that are required the most frequently.

Consider also the ergonomics and safety aspects of where you locate items, don’t put heavy items on high or low shelves where they can be a safety hazard to anyone trying to lift them off. If you have to utilise lifting equipment can you redesign your layout so that heavy tools can just be slid into and out of position?

Identify where components enter and leave the work cell, ensure that the flow of the process is highlighted and obvious so that anyone, even if unfamiliar with the process can easily see what is happening and if there are any delays of failures within the process.

The Ideas that the team come up with should be inexpensive and easily implemented, it is rare for 5S to require large amounts of capital to be invested.

5S Implementation

The next stage of 5S after 5S Seiton is that of 5S Seiso or shine and check.




5S Training



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