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Three Simple Ways To Help Save The Environment. - |

Three Simple Ways To Help Save The Environment.

Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Environmental Issues


Ah, so you want to save the planet, but you don’t know what to do.  Well, what is truer than true is that it all starts with you. Wake up, kiddo, you are part of the environment.  The environment isn’t something which exists outside of you, you are absolutely part of it.  So long as you are living, you are a very ACTIVE part of the environment, and when you are dead, heck, that stuff that makes up your human figure?  Yep, that will be part of our environment when you’re gone.

There’s no escape from our environment in space either.  Crap from space falls with a thud on the terra firma alla dang time; just accept this truth, you and all that you are; are part of our environment, so if you are worried about the environment, it all starts with you.

Oh people are talking about the environment over here, people are talking about the environment over there; there is no escape from talks about the environment, my friend.  But are those people doing anything?…or are they Al Gore types, doing all that bumping of their gums, while actually doing, well, nothing?

If you are forever the type that likes to tell other people what they should do to save the environment, well, you aren’t an environmentalist, you are probably a very wealthy politician, or just a bag of no account hot air.  Only persons who are involved in environmentalism via their own actions have credibility here, and no matter how rich or how poor you are, you are part of the environment, and it all starts with you.

You’ve heard the term vote with your dollars? It is a fine term, as nothing expresses your values quite so well as what you do with the money you get.  I’ve got three simple things that you can do, and I can do, and we can all do to make some kind of difference in the sort of world there will be tomorrow.

Always Purchase Your Beverages In A Can!

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1. Stop purchasing single use plastic drink containers!

Is there anything that screams instant gratification louder than a carbonated beverage saturated with high fructose corn syrup, and in a throw away plastic container?  While liquid diabetes might well be enjoyable to some, and especially with a kick of caffeine thrown in – it isn’t good for the environment at all, and so very often, the consumer of these beverages can’t be trusted to be moral enough to dispose of the plastic container in a trash bin.

So you do throw away your plastic drink container garbage?  Oh good for you!  Lemme break something down for you real fast, you ready?  There is no throwing anything away!  It all has to go somewhere!

According to statisticbrain, Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic beverage bottles every hour, all that has to go somewhere, and that 2.5 million, in case you missed it, is just what US citizens toss every hour.

Now, it isn’t kind to bring up a problem without offering a solution in such a setting as this, and the solution here is beyond simple:  Purchase your beverages in aluminum cans.  Why?  Why, you ask?  Aluminum is money.  In fact, metal is money.  Oh, I can hear you thinking, “well people toss aluminum into the garbage and on the side of the road too!” Yes, this much is true, however, aluminum is aluminum, and aluminum is money.  Aluminum isn’t derived from petroleum, and can forever be converted into pure hard cash.

Over the years, I’ve literally made thousands of dollars from scrapping aluminum cans.  If you’re too lazy to save and sell aluminum for scrap, then I can hardly weep a solitary tear for your poverty, can I?  No, no I can’t.  And God Bless those wonderful people who toss aluminum cans out their car windows too!  Those people are providing cash to those down and out, or exercise and cash seeking persons who walk the streets to pick up cans!

Seriously, you can get virtually any beverage you want in either glass, or an aluminum can.  If you purchase the same beverage in plastic, you have made a decision to be more a part of the problem than the solution.


Behold The Plastic Drink Container Garbage Mountain!  Daily It Grows!


2. Stop Using Single Use Plastic Shopping Bags!

Single use plastic grocery or shopping bags are now being either taxed or banned in the more environmentally conscious parts of the nation.  Face it, folks, those things are a blight on humanity, and besides that, they are often an eyesore on even the most scenic of rural roads.  Personally, I save those bags to either recycle them, or stuff them with aluminum cans which I sell at the scrapyard for cash.  The local grocery store in my hometown provides a receptacle for the used plastic grocery bags at the front of the store.  I also use reusable bags, and the local hometown grocery gives a bit of discount on the cost of groceries for having brought reusable bags.  Simply put, with reusable shopping bags, everyone wins.

I really can’t stress enough what a problem plastic actually is, the waste buildup is horrendous, and though it is true that someday this stuff will likely be converted back to fuel, well, it is still a petroleum product, and burning petroleum …emits massive carbon emissions.  How disgusting Al Gore must seem, being a mere peon in the sight of someone thousands of times more wealthy, and who actually DOES participate in activities that match what comes out of his mouth!  If you don’t know who David Mayer de Rothschild is, it is time you take a moment to learn.

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3. Have At Least One Meat-Less Day Per Week!


Listen, I’m a carnivore, and an unrepentant one at that.  I have absolutely no plans to stop eating meat.  I hunt, I fish, and I absolutely enjoy my meat laden meals, and most especially, the ones where I provided the meat myself.  But I know I eat too much meat, I can literally feel it inside.  So I’m making a point now of eating less of it, and instead, eating more vegetables and grains.

I recognize that I am now and forever a part, at least in some small way, of my own environment, and the environment of all.  So I know my own physical health is a benefit to those around me, and the massive economic wheels forever in motion.  That all said, I’m a rather small part of things, and deforestation is a VERY LARGE part of our environmental woes.

No, I don’t care what a vegan tells you – those people are extremists most often, ranching and meat eating are not the biggest part of deforestation, new construction and agriculture both play the majority of the part, but the majority of deforestation isn’t related to meat consumption.  Regardless of all of that, there is no doubt that our massive amount of meat consumption is a bigtime contributor to deforestation.

Solution?  Eat less meat.  I would never suggest here or anywhere that someone do something I wouldn’t or won’t do.  I’d never suggest someone stop eating meat altogether, and I certainly do not intend to myself…but the facts are, we as a nation here in the USA eat too much meat.

My entire life I’ve been fascinated by Europe, European history, and the various and sundry European cultures.  I’ve been lucky in life to have made some very close friends who were either here from Europe, or have lived in and spent lots of time in Europe, and when I ask them about differences in the way Americans and Europeans eat, they have one and all told me that in America, people eat far more meat than Europeans do.

This is hardly surprising, America is the land of instant gratification, rampant greed, and worry about this or that tomorrow.

Me personally, I have not tried tofu ever, nor this thing called quorn, but I’m eager to give them a shot.  When I do a meatless day, and I do, I tend to eat loads of potatoes, or pastas and salads, and because I’m no vegan, eggs and cheese.  I love those things, and eat them often whether I’m having a meat-less day, or not.

I’ve got close friends that recommend to me morningstar brand frozen foods, and they say the stuff is really really good; then, I’ve been recommended this Quorn, and I’m thinking of giving it a try simply because I forever enjoy trying new foods.  If you’ve got a favorite brand of tofu, or some other kind of meat substitute, well, I’d love to hear about it!


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