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Lights Out Cancelled - FX Cancels Great Boxing Show - |

Lights Out Cancelled – FX Cancels Great Boxing Show

The Final Bell Rings and Lights Out isnt getting up.


As Patrick Leary approached the podium flashes popping and his head ringing, I was reaching for the laptop keys to try and discern just how long I would have to wait to see the next season unfold.

The Lights Out series was one of the best boxing dramas I have seen in a very long time. Most critics agreed. The show received great critical acclaim. The characters were very believable, gritty and likable.O'ahu - Honolulu: Bishop Museum - Hawai'i Sports Hall of Fame - Stan Harrington's Boxing Gloves
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The Writers and Director should be commended for creating a gritty boxing drama that incorporated the best aspects of traditional crime dramas, the well known underdog athlete story and a dysfunctional family drama all into one enjoyable formula that still remained unique.

I continued to root for the anti-hero and was genuinely surprised at each win. A lot of promise remained in the series as the seedy underworld of the boxing promotion game came into the light. But FX has said that light will be quashed.

Earlier this year, FX also chose to not continue the Buddy Cop style  Private Detective Show “Terriers”


You will never see Lights Out again, but you can see some truly great Drama Series that are similar in style and substance or have the same characters.

Important Cast Members of Lights Out

  • Holt McCallany – Lights Leary
  • Pablo Schreiber – Johnny Leary

Guest Star:  Eamonn Walker who plays “Ed Romeo”


Show Similar To  Lights Out

The Brothers almost stand alone as actors I would like to see again. “Johnny” played by Pablo Schreiber actually appears in my favorite Tv drama serie sof all time, The Wire.

In, “The Wire,” Pablo plays a young Dock Worker (Stevedore) from a primarily Irish and Polish Community attempting to make the best life for his family and community through dealings with  international gangsters and local criminals. It doesn’t work out to well, but it makes for great television. The Wire tops many critics list as the best drama series ever. I do agree. Pablo’s Character is Nick Sobotka and he is seen primarily in Season2 of the series.

Eamonn Walker who plays Ed Romeo had a very similar role as the head of the Muslim Brotherhood in the also acclaimed, also HBO series, “Oz”



BrotherHood: Irish Drama – Crime, Politics and Family

If The Sopranos got hammered and spent the night with The Departed, Brotherhood would be their dramatic love child.

If you enjoyed Lights Out, then Brotherhood is a must see. At the least it went longer then one season!




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