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RainSong Dreadnought - Carbon Fiber, Graphite, and Indestructibility. - |

RainSong Dreadnought – Carbon Fiber, Graphite, and Indestructibility.

Johnny Cash Would Have LOVED The All Black Carbon Fiber and Graphite Looks Of The RainSong Dreadnought!


Lets face it, we’ve all seen a video once or twice of some bozo smashing an acoustic dreadnought guitar into kindling on some video somewhere, and if you’re like me, your first thought was something to do with wanting to put that person out of their obvious misery, and then your first action was to go give your own fine guitars a once over to make certain they were safe.

I don’t have children, and I’d not stoop so low as to compare even my finest possessions to what can’t be owned, bought, or sold – but you get the idea.  I don’t have children, I have my computer and my guitars.

It’s just a fact, the finest guitars in the world are very destructible things, wouldn’t the world be better if it were full of guitars and mandolins, fiddles and basses that weren’t subject to the whims of Jimi Hendrix wanna be clowns and fire?  Well, perhaps things aren’t so bleak in the more modern times!  There are now RainSong brand instruments made entirely of carbon fiber and graphite!


The Carbon Fiber Backside Of a RainSong Dreadnought.


Oh of course these things aren’t made entirely of graphite and carbon fiber.  There’s the material for the nut, saddle, bridge pins, and frets to consider, and those materials are going to be standard fare.  What we’re truly looking at here is replacing the wood for material that won’t burn, bust, break, bend, warp, crack, bow, or anything else due to too much heat, cold, humidity, or lack of humidity.  While an audiophile like myself can hear a bit of a difference in tonality, most people can’t hear the difference, and believe me when I say that the difference isn’t unpleasant in the least.  It’s a unique sound, and a guitar that you can take anywhere with you, and only the thief or a truly destructive accident could steal your treasure.

No, don’t suspect that the neck of this fine guitar is without a dual action truss rod – it’s something that all fine guitars have, but was created to allow a guitar to be adjusted for the bowing that occurs from environmental stresses.  This guitar won’t be having a bowed neck due to heat and string stress, the dual action truss rod on this instrument merely allows the player to adjust the height of the strings off the fret board to their desired level.

Another concern here with the neck is that you can, in fact, just go right ahead with your bad self and use heavy gauge strings on this thing without a single solitary fear.  Forever now folks have been warned off of using heavy gauge strings on their Martin and Gibson style dreadnoughts or other acoustic guitars for all the obvious reasons – it’s expensive to reset a neck, and heavy gauge strings provide a lot of tension.  Wooden guitars are glued together, of course, and too much heat and too much string tension, and either the bridge is coming loose off the soundboard of an instrument, or the neck is going to get bowed.  Neither of those situations is the slightest bit desirable, and neither of those situations are to be worried about with this RainSong guitar, or any RainSong guitar.

You can just go right ahead and use heavy strings and get that bit of extra volume from them if you wish to do so, and your fingers are up to it.


Traditional Looks And Modern Materials Optimize the RainSong Dreadnought For Today’s Player.
This fine and nearly indestructible dreadnought guitar is also available with pre amp electronics for acoustic/electric play, and lists for around two thousand dollars.  Truly, this guitar could be the first guitar to last for thousands of years.   Be the owner of the one that winds up as a museum piece for folks to awe over in the distant future TODAY!


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