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Pink Slime Ammonia - Are you eating Pink Slime? - |

Pink Slime Ammonia – Are you eating Pink Slime?

pink slime jamie oliver

What is Pink Slime?








Often we look to the respectful and utilitarian use of an entire animal in the Native and    I ndigenous Cultures of the world in a positive manner.

Advocates of humane hunting and eating will point out that these cultures will waste no part of the kill, every element of the slain animal will make its way into food, soap, dyes and clothing.

It may surprise you to know that this “waste not” attitude has long been a part of the American Meat Packing Industry, but not in a way you are likely to find honorable or worthy of reverence.  In the name of profit, every gram of salable carcass is now used in some part of the meat (meat products is a more apt description) you are served in restaurants or buy in  groceries.



You think this is good?

Early1980, the industry learned how to make .03  extra cents per pound on sales of ground beef. In the past portions of meat that were connected to the backbones and spinal cord were difficult to access and process. These portions were used in dog food as they were considered unsafe for human consumption due to  possible contamination caused by spinal fluids and brain matter.

Early 1980, Eldon Roth, comes along with a technique that can remove this “meat”, he fails to sell it to the largest “meat” suppliers of the time, so he starts his own company, Beef Products, INC, They take this sludge of meat, spinal matter and vertebrae, mix it with 50-50, another great meat byproduct of fats and trimmings, dowse it with a 10% ammonia mixture and start selling the product.lunch lady

The “Pink Slime” has been everpresent in ground beef since. That is correct, you HAVE eaten plenty of pink slime, it is purchased and used by major restaurant supply chains, major fast food companies and the US School Lunch Program.

You wont find it on the label, as the ammonia is considered a manufacturing agent and not a food ingredient. Are you aware that even top quality USDA Ground Beef is only required to be 97% beef? The other 3% is insect thoraxes, fecal matter and other crap that falls in the mix. Its all irradiated, so its considered safe.
Photo by SpecialKRB


Pink Slime and Jamie Oliver

Pink Slime has once again been brought to the attention of the American People by Chef Jamie Oliver, skip ahead to the 3 minute mark if you want to see pink slime being made. Listen closely to the stats, 15% of every patty is allowed to be made up of “pink slime” and all your commercially created patties DO take advantage of this cost saving measure.

Bon Appetit!

Read further into Jamie’s Revolutionary food methods and philosophy by picking up one his books. Let them know in the comments that you discovered Jamie via his activism.




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