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Is the INES Level 7 Appropriate for the Fukushima Crisis? - |

Is the INES Level 7 Appropriate for the Fukushima Crisis?

I found that the news wasnt very helpful to me when I was looking into the possible threats of the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis. I wasnt familiar enough with the technical jargon to understand what a Level 7 event was but I am savvy enough to realize when the news and government is giving me a smokescreen. By reading into a lot of the conspiracy theorists I was able to get a grain of truth about what level of nuclear monitoring occurs at a global level by the US and also get an understanding of the traditional quality of Japanese media coverage. I found that this link had a balanced collection of information about Fukushima, current state of affairs and the history of nuclear catastrophes. It was a good book mark for me.

Fukushima INES Level 7
Photo by U.S. Pacific Fleet

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