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How To Get Old Facebook Chat |

How To Get Old Facebook Chat

Want to get the old facebook chat back?  Now there is a super easy way to get the old facebook chat back.  Just install this script….

I spend most of my time online or to be more honest on facebook catching up with my school buddies and distant relatives.  I am not into games and mostly use the Facebook chat option.  So when few weeks a ago when Facebook unveiled the new chat system, I was thoroughly disappointed.  Infact, I have not met a single person who liked the new Facebook chat.  The new Facebook chat rather than showing who is online now, shows all the person with whom you chat the most.  It is really very confusing and I have to always look below my profile area to see who is online right now.

But there is now a super easy way to get the old Facebook chat back.  You just have to install this script and restart your browser.  The new facebook chat will be replaced with the old one.  Try it, it really works.

Old Facebook Chat For Chrome

Click on the link above and press the install button on the upper right.

Note:  I will soon post a script for Firefox soon.  So bookmark it and if the script works, don’t forget to post this on your Facebook wall and share it with your friends.

Tweets, likes and +1′s will be appreciated too.



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