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Easy Truck Unloader the Best Way to Unload a Truck |

Easy Truck Unloader the Best Way to Unload a Truck

I helped load a tree on a truck yesterday. Some people on our street gathered to cut it down for an elderly neighbor. Little did I know we needed the truck unloader, the best way ever to unload a truck, what is that you say, read on…

The guy with the chainsaw and 3/4 ton truck was hauling the logs and had a huge load. He’s a professional and does this for a living, but today he volunteered his time, equipment and services. Feeling a bit useless, I offered to go with him to the yard waste dump site to help unload the tree. He said he’d enjoy the company but he really didn’t need any help. I took one look at the huge load on his truck and thought right.

We arrived, the man at the dump site directed us to the area to unload, we backed into the area along side many other trucks that were they’re doing the same thing. He jumped out of the truck and said you can help by untying the rope on your side. I did and then he proceeded to turn a crank at the back of his truck and with one hand as the huge load of tree branches and trunks just slid off the back of the truck.  Oh course I had to see just how easy this was, or more to the point show the guys a girl could do this.

Easy Truck Unloader the Best Way to Unload a Truck

Everyone stopped and watched in awe. I thought what a smart cool guy; we worked effortlessly while all the others around struggled and looked on with opened mouths! I was impressed! He unloaded the truck in less than a minute, it was like magic. I noticed all the other men had stopped and watched him with envy.

They were in the beds of their trucks physically removing each piece from their truck one hand or shovel full at a time. As he headed to get back into his truck, I mentioned that the men were staring at him and curious about the way he unloaded his truck. He replied, “I get that all the time, wait for it, wait for it”! and then several men yelled out from behind him, “Hey how did you do that”? He then turned and explained how and when they asked what something like that cost they were shocked when he told them.

What he said next was priceless, he said, Boys this easy unloader is like a fork to my mouth, I don’t eat with my hands and I don’t work with them when I don’t need to, this unloader has saved me tens of thousands of dollars in working hours over the years and I will never be without one even though this is the only one I’ve ever had to buy.” Dang, this guy was now a hero to all the men in at the dump site and to me a very impressed chic!

Easy Truck Unloader the Best Way to Unload a Truck

On the ride home we talked about his easy unloader and how it was the best way ever to unload a truck. He bought his years ago and has used it to unload brick, rocks, trees, brush, mulch, he said you name it, I’ve done it and this truck unloader still works like new. It’s such a simple machine it can’t mess up. He explained how it was even great for unloading furniture.  Anything you need to load or unload is simple with the easy unloader truck unloader.

I naturally thought I had to tell the world about this great and affordable way to unload a truck. I  was amazed that everybody didn’t know about it. He said I should set up shop at the dump and sell them, I could get rich. I told him I would make a hub about it, he was glad to have been of help, he sure is a nice guy…

So here I am today telling you about the best and most easy way ever to unload a truck! If you ever have a need to load or unload something, which everyone does, the easy way to unload a truck is this.

Plus if you don’t have a truck and keep asking a friend to use yours, you should buy him or her this easy unloaded as both a show of gratitude and incentive to help you out again! Just saying people without trucks do ask a lot from those with trucks! Enjoy the truck unloader, the best way ever to unload a truck whether for yourself or the perfect gift for the guy with a truck!

Much Love and Success, Katie

Load Handler Cargo Unloader – 2000-Lb. Capacity, for Full-Size Trucks



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