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Buck Knives

Buck 55 Folding Hunter


It’s soon for hunting season this fine year 2013, and in this, the most perfect of all possible worlds, every hunter needs a knife with which to use on his or her hunting ventures.  Me, when I was in school, from the day I first got a pocket knife, I carried that pocket knife to school.  This isn’t possible now, as gay, communist, atheist, vegan, liberals have taken over the mass media, and demonized sharp objects as the satanic manifestations of Mephistopheles they always were.

Men, the kind with testicles and a desire for women, they still carry pocket knives, and some of them still go hunting.  Me, I always carry a pocket knife, and as I’m a mentally ill sort suffering from little big man syndrome, I have so many pocket knives there’s not any telling which one I’ll be carrying on any particular day.

I’ve yet to stab anyone.  I am a total disappointment to gay, atheist, communist, vegans on every corner of the globe.  The people at Buck knives, they’re not gay, communist, atheist, vegans, and so; they’re intellectually superior and morally the same for it.  Praise the gods of Buck knives.  I do, daily.

Now I don’t care if you support the eating of meat or not.  What I care about is that you support a person’s right to choose whether or not they do eat meat.  Following that, I care whether or not you support a persons right to hunt, which is in fact, the right to eat meat not tainted by an FDA in which a treasonous POTUS puts Michael R. Taylor over the administration, despite him being a Monsanto lawyer.

Hunting is about a man and a woman’s right to NOT be beholden to a corporate system of governance.  Gardening is essentially the exact same thing, and yes, a Buck knife is rather useful for gardening too

.Buck 505RWS Knight 1-7/8″

Once I was arrested.  Okay, stop laughing, it was more than just once.  But once I was arrested and I lost my respect for police officers for once and for all time.  It was the FIRST time I was arrested, and a highly respected highway patrolman stole my Buck pocket knife.  I knew then, that police were only criminals with badges and guns; and I know this now, and I’ll never forget it.  You don’t forget a thing when a statist thug with a badge and gun who’s taken you to jail steals the Buck knife your father gave to you.  No, you don’t forget that, you NEVER do.

Buck 371BRS Stockman

Buck knives come in every shape and size imaginable.  I used to stare at their catalog all day.  I was in love with Buck knives, and I loved them so very much because every MAN in my family carried one.  There were no gay, atheist, communist, vegans in my family; and this is because when a MAN has a Buck knife, he can’t succumb to gay, atheist, communist, vegan nonsense.  A man with a Buck knife would never read MotherJones, or; he’s busy being a man.  He’s got a Buck knife to prove he’s a man; and not a gay, atheist, communist, vegan.  Not that there is anything wrong with any of that.  I’m only addressing men here, real men, not women who think they’re men, or men who think they’re women.  I’m talking only about and to the kind of persons that carry Buck knives; the kind of men and women who created everything I admire in this world, the kind that always will, the kind that carry Buck knives.

Buck 110BRS Fld Hunting 3-3/4″

Buck knifes were established in 1902.  They’ve always been made in America. Hoyt H. Buck began his work as an apprentice to a blacksmith at the early age of ten years old, and he dedicated himself to making fine knives for pockets, hunting, fishing, and all other crafts a knife is used in.  A knife is used in virtually every trade; and as an electrician and hvac mechanic I am virtually naked without one in my pocket.  Once a man becomes a man by owning a pocket knife, he only then needs to know how to sharpen the knife to …stay a man.  I suppose he also needs to know to refute all communist nanny state vegan atheist nonsense and …he’s on his way to being a manly man for all his days. Fillet knives for the fisherman?  You can’t feed your family with your catch without one; and Buck provides them for the fisherman or woman.


Buck Silver Creek TM Folding Fillet Knife (Silver/blue, 13 3/4-Inch)

The WWII generation is often thought the greatest generation.  Who can question that?  When WWII came along, Hoyt H. Buck supplied the United States military with BUCK KNIVES, the greatest generation beat the Germans and the Japanese; and saved Europe and the USA, China, and the rest of the friggin’ world from fascism and communism for a time with BUCK KNIVES.  Buck Knives, my friends; they’re knives the greatest use.  Get one.


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